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Now You Can Sign an Online Petition to Permanently Shut Down the Bonsai Kitten Website Complements of PETA!

Now You Can Sign an Online Petition to Permanently Shut Down the Bonsai Kitten Website Complements of PETA! The Same People Against the Number One Internet Hoax Are Actually Advertising it with a Paid Google Advertisement Lex Loeb Contributor Network . Peta's exploitation is at least as bad as mine if not worse! The site is . How would you like to be a kitten and stuffed in an air tight bottle as a living breathing work of art? The subject mater is disturbing enough but it also seems disturbing that Peta has found a way to censor a stupid hoax using a petition? The real site to go to if you want to get mad about the abuse of kittens is . Clearly the Peta people are using the exploitation angle to drive people to their own site using the bonsai kitty hoax! If that is not underhanded exploitation than I am no exploitationalist either. Poor kittys! Once Peta actually shuts down Bonsai kitty their INTERNET traffic will dry up . They might have to start using bonsai puppy or even my bonsai Nigerian spammer site? Poor Puppies! Poor spammers! So Now I am working for Peta too! I am laughing so hard I am getting hungry for raw chicken. Now that the earth liberation army and Peta control the white house it is just as well that i give up the habit of eating a lot of raw chicken. I know it is probably against the law but.....I am writing about famous INTERNET hoaxes. What does chicken sushi taste like? Dog? The Peta people are the experts. Leafing though the New Ripley's Believe it or not coffee table book they have some horrible photos of Chinese dog meat markets with dehydrated de-boned pug like dogs hanging from the ceiling with a cute pug smile on their faces. And their tongues are hanging out. That is a horror. Bonsai kitty is a joke. Peta should start an online petition against Ripley's believe it or not and the Chinese dog meat industry. I am glad I don't have a pug or those photos in that book would have permanently grossed me out. Bonsai kitty is just too absurd to take seriously. The Ripley's believe it or not photo dog meat market photo is not posted to google yet but you can see the book in your local book store. it has a really flashy optical illusion cover. If you want to be just as grossed out by want foreign meat eaters eat go to google images and type "Chinese dog meat market". Bad Enough but not as bad as the giant mummified pug dogs in Ripley's Book. One of the photos looks like chicken chow mien but not the photo caption. It is much better to be a dog in India than in China. And much better to be a pampered dog in the USA and not a spray village dog in Mexico. We need to work with PETA to start an international amnesty international organization for dogs and cats. Sign my online petition to stop Ripley's believe it or not from publishing those pug photos by signing here and sending to Ripley's believe it or not: name________________________________________________________ address______________________________________________________ phone number_________________________________________________ Social Security Number__________________________________________ check here: [0] Dear Ripley's, I believe it and I am mad as hell about it. .


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