Monday, July 7, 2014

Nude Bicycle Riding Becomes a Civil Right in Portland, Oregon

Nude Bicycle Riding Becomes a Civil Right in Portland, Oregon You Have Have the Right to Ride Naked, but Anything You Say Can Be Used Against You Lex Loeb Contributor Network . Michael Hammond was cleared by a Multnomah County court of charges of indecent exposures and specifically of "exposure of ,,(his) genitalia in a public place in view of members of the opposite sex." possibly setting a new legal precedent,. The strange thing about the case is that nude bike riding is nothing new in Portland. In separate incidents in the last two years large numbers of bike riders were riding in the nude as a pack. The last time witnesses saw that police cars were employed in protecting the bike riders by leading and following what was essentially a nude bike riding parade down city streets. It is not known if any Portland Bike Police were riding nude with the group. Up to 1200 nude bike riders join in the local annual world naked bike ride that last occurred on June, 14, 2008. It is interesting in spite of this that Portland Police and prosecutors would attempt to make a test case out of just one guy. He was not the only naked bike rider when and where he got arrested. The good thing is that it is now perfectly legal. The body is now accepted as an instrument of free speech. What other things can be done naked in public? Portland also has naked bus riding. Here is what I would like to see. A citizen goes down to city hall and finds everyone working there is naked. You get a summons to go to court and everyone at the court house is naked. What is a controlled climate system for if not to save people from having to wear clothing? It would then become instantly possible to spot a judge or a public official in public because the more naked they were the more likely it is that they work for the government. The police should be naked except for the gun holster and radio? Once that happens when people are arrested the police will undress them and say "you have the right to be naked but anything you say will be used against you." That would put us way ahead of San Francisco.

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