Monday, July 7, 2014

Nuking Fukushima

Nuking Fukushima Really Bright Idea? Nuking the Disabled Fukushima Nuclear Facility and Maybe Chernobyl to Make Them Right Again? Lex LoebContributor Network . The thesis of this article should sound a little crazy and it definitely is. The fact is that thermonuclear fission bomb blasts in Nevada, Nagasaki and Hiroshima did not leave the kind of long term legacy of permanent environmental destruction that we are learning maybe the fate of Fukushima maybe become. Nagasaki and Hiroshima are back as thriving cities and were rebuilt in a shorter time span than we have seen anything at all happen to cleanse Chernobyl of radiation poison isotope contamination in the Ukraine. Is it possible that an uncontrolled nuclear chain reaction from a nuclear fission bomb could aid in the ultimate clean up of a 25- 100 square mile area around the disabled Fukishima Nuclear power plant? It may sound absolutely nuts but not necessarily if most of the nuclear material from the Fukishima nuclear reactors is first toted away including both active and spent nuclear fuel rods and as much of the on sight debris as can be safely removed. The idea is that maybe a sustained chain reaction is what is necessary to neutralize the worst of the high density nuclear contaminates with long half life periods in the vicinity of the nuclear accident after the earthquake and tsunami. Most of the contaminants in the greater area have been lighter weight gases with shorter half life periods and the worst of what may remain after clearing away the bulk of intact fuel rods and spent rods maybe subject to fast rate neutralization in the presence of a high neutron chain reaction blast quickly reducing more massive nuclei to smaller nuclei with shorter half life spans? That is the theory at least. We know that the Hiroshima and Nagasaki blasts had a finite core of nuclear fissionable material that was very highly concentrated to begin with which is obviously quite a bit different from the present situation of long range contamination in the vicinity of Fukushima so yes the thesis may be a total crack pot idea and then well maybe not entirely. The fall out from one or more modern high neutron atomic bombs can be almost precisely calculated now and if the effect of a super white hot neutron blast does have the potential to eliminate radioactive cesium type isotopes from the environment in a fast and throughout manner then maybe all the better? Chernobyl is already assumed to have completely melted down into a kind of radioactive sludge or gunk with way too much net mass to assume that it could be somehow cleansed with a fast uncontrolled neutron white hot blast but maybe it might not necessarily hurt if somehow a stream of neutrons could be directed into a controlled confined space. The idea of producing unlimited electrical energy by dropping nuclear bombs in a pit created by an an underground blast the way underground nuclear bomb testing used to be done means that it could be possible to do just that below Chernobyl or below Fukushima to cause the disabled plants to fall into the hollowed out bit below ground level and then seal them in for future bombardment with successive blasts. Crazy Yes. Something that really would work? Could not tell you! Just imagine if a Fukushima type accident happened at a plant within the vicinity of any major American City. The American can do attitude coupled with the EPA and nuclear regulatory commission etc would require the mess be cleaned up even if it cost the government as much as the 4 trillion dollars it cost them to have a war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Money would be no object so long as the television cameras remained rolling here in America. The US would have swarms of robots in the facility scooping out radioactive debris and encasing it in ceramic containers that other robots would transport to the deepest part of the abysmal plane of the ocean for permanent deposit and everything would be bull dozed off the surface and by earth moving robots and then either reprocessed or also encased in ceramic containers and deposited some distance under the ocean until the place was spotless and the attorneys would arrive with their class action law suits. It is very difficult to imagine a Fukushima mess near by our own homes in America with anything like the Japanese Fukushima reaction or the Russian Chernobyl reaction. Americans would also necessarily think of having a quick fix the same way we go for quick fixes in our health care system etc. The fall out and shocks from a series of neutron bomb blasts might even be the kind of quicker fix that could allow the class action tort attorneys in sooner. How many years after the nuclear blasts over Nagasaki and Hiroshima rebuilt or in the process of being rebuilt? probably before all the radioactive fall out had decayed. It comes down to not crying over spilled milk or is it more like spilling more milk to clean up a milk spill? It may sound completely crazy but maybe it could indeed help reduce radioactive contamination and disperse it away from the concentrated area in less harmful concentrations enough to start rebuilding within 10 to 20 years instead of 100 t0 1000 years? Hiroshima was started being rebuilt in the 1950s. That does suggest that maybe nuking fukushima could reduce contamination in fast way with exposure to a "sterilizing" dose of neutrons from a less controlled fast nuclear chain reaction. Perhaps a fusion reaction of some sort could provide an even greater sterilization effect from high density neutron bombardment to clean up the site? .

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