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Obama Care Was Designed To Confuse, Obstruct, Fail, Not Designed To Make Sense.

Obama Health Care Nonsense Lex LoebContributor Network . In Oregon the great federal mandate of putting social workers in charge of neglected and abused children has resulted in more children neglected and abused than before the government got involved. In spite of constant media propaganda to the contrary that says everything that big government does is wonderful , here in Oregon once again the local newspaper is putting out stories showing the not so good statistics including the number of deaths and sexual abuses of protected children in state custody system foster family homes. Anyone who has had to deal with the monolithic organization of social workers, lawyers and psychologists that run the federally mandated , Social security financed, safety net for children knows that neither children nor parents have any rights in the system. In Oregon Children in protective custody are not even permitted to get second opinions from psychologists or psychiatrists about mental health issues they are deemed to be suffering from . The state workers and lawyers funnel all cases though friend of theirs to maximize the payola going to friends of theirs. The system is genuinely corrupt and beyond control. One local radio talk show host some years ago had a child who had a bruise on her face, other similar cases were children with cat scratches on their bodies, the agency working with the schools grabbed those children and put them into custody and kept them even though the children professed to no abuse by the parent and again in an open court room. The agency will keep unabused children as long as necessary just to get the bounty of federal grant transfer payments regardless of how much harm it cases for children and if a child complains about being abused in a foster home or by a system social worker there is an elaborate cover up every time. The money coming into the program is in the billions of dollars so the government does everything to protect the image of a totally disastrous program in bed with the local media. Once in a while outraged parents and children go to the state capitol and are invited to meetings and afterwords the agency changes its name again. Yes they change the name of the agency to pretend like something changed when never fire any of the bad people running it. That happened once again after the Ward Weaver Ashley Pond case. You can easily google the cover up and the legal jargonesse about a missing fax. The Governor , who wants to run for office again, found a fall guy to take the blame and big money in the system stayed put as well as all the incompetent people who never take any blame. Come all the way to 2009 and once again we are reading about foster family abuse in the local newspaper that always tows the party line from the self described child savers who are getting really rich now after many years of running their scam. The whole thing has a major lobby protecting it and the public employees union there to protect both the scam and the worst offenders among the protectors. Is this how you want your national free health care system to work? What has happened with national child care and protection is exactly the way the interests pushing national health care will behave. You can expect the worse but you wont know what to expect until the administration makes appointments to what will be commissions that make rules and more rules that are completely beyond the scope of the original law because the laws congress are making are just enabling laws not the rules that will eventually have to be crafted to make the system work. If you think that big government and unions are for national health care because they are concerned with illegal aliens and other uninsured people not having health care you must be naive with no experience with the kind of government service providers that we have in real life USA. Governments services are first and foremost self service for interests that support them. The entitlement process the democrats are offering seems too good to be true as it does seem strange that everyone could be billed in small installments for government provided medical care but you don't hear about that when it comes to the plan that congress is hashing out and you probably wont hear about it from the president instead of requiring installment co-pays by everyone in the government system proposed instead we hear about private insurance premiums being taxed. The state of Oregon recently did that to those of use who have private insurance premiums and it is not pleasant because all the propaganda about how great the state's Medicare waiver is gets proven false that it can't pay for anything without rationing and trying to tax for more money just like the administration national care plan says it won't do. The lies just get more fascinating. What people can expect from any public option or national health care plan is the same sort of wonderfulness that children get to experience in mandatory state custody and the wonderful foster families that are always deemed to be good. The facts are that over 70 percent of the homeless street kids in oregon are run aways from foster families and state custody. The fact is that the agency does not always like to keep or publish the number of these kids that are missing from custody just like in Florida a few years ago. No one is responsible who is supposed to be and that is not negelect...but always a lack of personnel and more money to finance the program . The program fails but the local media almost always , until some of the shit hits the fan, says there is no alternative and that the system is wonderful and then there are more hearings in the state capitol and once again the agency changes its names. Recently the state legislature actually was able to pass a law, which funny that we even needed it, that school teachers and social workers who abuse children can now be fired! The child protection laws did not apply to union public employees until that law was passed last year! Just because what the government says one thing about what they intend to do with "health care reform" does not mean they have any idea how it will actually turn out once the special interests get in there and make all sorts of arcane rules in huge telephone book size rule books that will cover many yards of wall space because the big us health care system is complicated. They will tell you what drugs they will and won't pay for. They will find a way to grab homes and property of elderly people to pay their health care bills, they will could put Dr. Jack Kevorkian on the health care board, They can make rules snuff out costly premature babies and if they want introduce any kind of eugenics they want. Guess what? what ever they do, even if unconstitutional has to wait for people to bring court cases against the government if even possible and then go though appeal after appeal thought the court system to the US supreme court where that court may decide years and many abuses later that the rules or the enabling laws were originally unconstitutional. This is what children in foster families are up against on a daily basis. Children don't get many choices in a system that is supposed to be about their wishes. In Oregon we have judges who seem to know nothing about children and yet they are willing to decide what is in their best interest. It is not unusual for a judge to give custody of a child to an abuser and the more you see of what goes on in that government service program the more you see that it is a flip of a coin in most cases because they can't tell abuse from non abuse. Do you want your cancer treated that way? Your heart surgery? People who are distrustful of big government planning probably have good reasons to be distrustful. The whole story about government housing programs that built the projects years ago is about the complete utter waste of trillion of dollars in today's money and the abject physical destruction of inner cities. That story has been inadequately told. People see the projects getting torn down after less than 20 years because they are too dangerous for anyone to live in and yet some still think it had some positive effect. The federal government housing projects did more harm than good to almost every urban landscape where they pumped up taxes to pay for urban renewal money. In most cases the government just came in a bulldozed adequate existing housing and neighborhoods. They promised Utopian urban living and the result was hell. Is that enough of a reason to distrust a big government solution? No there are plenty of other government fiasco's. Government promised a lot to Indians they put on reservations with service and more services provided over the years and it was not until Indians found some autonomy form this that they could thrive. Why the big push for a health care system few Americans want? Because some one wants lots of new powers and a stream of income to initiate them. If government really had the solution for low cost health care they would be able to put a little seed money into a small program and prove it worked first lowering costs of health care and providing more coverage for more people but no they want the whole store to begin with just like in the child protection racket. That is because they do not want to prove any efficacy before getting their hands on the money. Hospitals and clinics under Obama care can be expected to be loaded up with social workers with limited training for any purpose, lawyers, bureaucrats you find in you local DMV type agency and community leaders as soon as they get control of your health care. They are all complaining now that doctors get too much money now guess who will get that money? You never hear much from the administration about tort reform so it is very likely the lawyers plan to increase their presence in the health care system but you won't know why until long after congress passes the enabling legislation and then the rule makers make rules and more rules that only lawyers will likely be able to interpret and than contest for patients. It is going to be a typical federal government circus of nonsense. The doctors will unionize by necessity which means that you need a labor lawyer to sue for malpractice and the government will shield itself from lawsuits by hiring in house armies of lawyers that never can be fired because they are civil servants. The rule is that if government gets involved it may be planning to fail. Goverment does not work for a profit motive the way much of our health care system does not it supposedly has good intentions. The profit motive keeps today's health care system honest at least because no one is going to be pushing some mother Jones environmental euthanasia, eugenics or social engineering on patients the way the government intends to with Obamanomics. I would rather know the profit motives are intact than see another road of good intentions leading straight to hell. Just come to Oregon and ask one of the run away street kids why they lived in ten different government sponsored foster homes and were abused in several of them before finally deciding to run away and you will fear for your life going to a doctor run by the same political garbage that says they are out there to improve your health services. Like vulnerable neglected and abused children are The sick are also vulnerable. When we see member of congress and the president getting on planes to have their health care needs taken care of health care system professionals in Havana, Cuba then we all know that Michael Moore's film was not just propaganda. Castro, the good friend of Obama did offer the president as many surplus Cuban doctors as he wanted. Not a bad idea for the public option we could import thousands of Cuban trained doctors and pay them less than $2000 a month in public clinics to get real value for our uninsured. Do you hear any realistic plans like that from the administration? No they want to take something you already own away from you or to undo a previous entitlement like Medicare you were already forced to pay into that teeters on disaster of it's own. Lets get real. Real health care reform is market oriented, it is in need of tax advantages in just the same way we reduce taxes to tax free zones to create jobs that we know works and in tort reform with maybe some sort of no fault insurance option. After that the government can more cheaply outsource medical care to India or Cuba where the cost of the flight is negligible when the cost savings can be more than 70%. There is no better bargain than free trade in this world and this administration is just dumb when it comes to economics. There is no way costs will go down with rationing health care or by goverment tapping your pay check for national health care. Rationing just creates more costs and rules can be expected that will more likely have you drugged for pain than getting the necessary costly scientific tests for correct diagnosis. In Oregon we have a government that believes it can control land use to prevent sprawl. Well after years of that nonsense and loss of property rights all we have is sprawl and more sprawl and terrible unnecessary loss of our basic constitutional rights just so a bunch of people getting paid to just pretend with their lawyers can give feel proud of their propaganda administration. In Portland we have public mass transit that promised to get cars off the highway to eliminate congestion now it is more congested than ever and they still take credit for spending millions of dollars per mile to build a limited inflexible light rail system that only replaces existing bus routes. Amazing the Gall these people have. The building contractors get rich at a million dollars a mile or more and every one in the local media is blind to the obvious that money was wasted and cost benefit analysis says it was a complete waste of money for a cho cho train feel good program. In Portland we also have Metro which spends 90 percent of its money and man power on propaganda all the while sucking up money in fees and taxes. That agency became so powerful that when voters say no to a new project on a election ballot they go ahead and do it anyways and raise the taxes. Oregon is the perfect mother Jones state to come study how obamanomics really works. It won't work . It will become a complete racket and all the while will create wondrous Utopian propaganda to keep on going raising taxes and giving the public nothing of value. One more Oregon story. In Oregon we have to take our cars to the department of environmental quality stations to check for illegal emissions. The program is a complete fraud . I found out one day when I took my car in a few years ago. First I drove miles and miles to get to a station which is necessary because of where the state places them. I took the car though playing Mexican music on my radio with the car windows open and the car failed. Mad as hell that I drove so far to waste my time and gas to get a failing grade I drove out of the station and drove back in having changed the radio station to bubble gum rock and roll. The passed the same test a few moment later in a different bay at the same station! This happened to me before. It is unbelievable how stupid people are believing the never ending self justifying government propaganda about all the great services they are doing for us. .

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