Thursday, July 10, 2014

Obama Care Was So Historic. What is'nt Historic?

Is Health Care Reform Historic and Inevitable Progress and the Right Thing to Do? Why is the Democrat Health Care Bill Supposed to Be "historic , Progressive and Inevitable"? Have You Noticed the Tendency of the News Media to Favor This Strange Terminology? Why? Lex Loeb Contributor Network . If you are getting sick of hearing about how historic the government health care reform bill is before it has even passed as if it is inevitable that at some point in time is has to pass, you maybe wondering why the democrats have this terminology? Why is it necessarily progress to have state controlled health care? Who says it is progress and what makes something that already is in other countries inevitable for the America, progress and historic? I tune in the Public Broadcasting Station in my car and they are talking about the historic nature of the bill before it has even passed. When it fails to pass on the first and second attempts they then stop using the world "historic". It would seem to be just as much a part of history for it to fail the way it did under Hillary Clinton and be historic for that reason as passing and becoming law? The bias of the journalists on the radio saying the passage of the bill ultimately is inevitable and a mile stone of history that we need to expect is coming goes directly back to Karl Marx. Most people have not read the works of Karl Marx and are classless about what Marxist social science is all about. Karl Marx invented a science fiction of political and social science where by he somehow determined that human civilization necessarily is one something like a rail road track that leads it on a course of progress though history. The idea is that history builds on it self and there is an inevitable place that the historical progress takes us. Marx probably got the idea from the advances in the industrial revolution he was a witness to. Marx also only knew of two different revolutions before he started theorizing about the inevitability of revolution. The first revolution was the grand American Revolutionary war. The American revolution was really one of the great accidents in history. It was historic in how unprecedented it was. Even the British could not believe that the Americans could get away with it. The British even tried a second time to subdue the United States of America with a Second offensive war against the states after the revolution. The Europeans hardly could understand the nature of the American revolution. The French saw what happened with the American revolutionary experience and they could not repeat the most amazing aspects of the American experience. France fell directly into anarchy and once again emerged as an imperial power shortly after their revolution. Marx know of both and modeled his communist revolution thesis on those two revolutions. Marx decided that in some kind of weird dialectic thinking where opposites transpose each other that civilization has to progress according to a sort of hidden social architectural plan where his communist ideals ultimately lead to what ha actually describes as a rural-suburban agrarian equality of wealth and community , sharing and each contributing for the benefit of each according to his need as if he somehow had some secret insight into the future because of his version of high dialectic thinking process. It was strange that a man like Karl Marx would be able to have this amazing insight about the future of mankind as a journalist correspondent in Europe working for an American newspaper. We see the universal Marxist bookstores near many large universities all over the world and few people realize that There is nothing about Marx and his background that suggest that his writings and thoughts were science of based on any scientific method or experimentation. Marx was certain that societies would move though phases to progress to a higher level of human social and political existence as if it were a natural process. That belief goes on today in spite of more than 100 years of Marxist experiments that have universally failed. When I first read one of Marx's books the soviet union was still a super power and in the introduction to the book by some scholar whose name i can't remember, he systematically could say back then that every Marxist experiment to see if Marx's historical progression is inevitable or not has proven not even then. Now the biggest of the communist/ Marxist empires have collapsed but the Marxist books stores are still going strong. Their success is obvious in having turned much of the American news media into a Marxist blob of jello in the way they shake around with terms of inevitable progress and everything Marxist being historic. What is inevitable about socialized medicine becoming law in the USA? This Marxist economist in the New York Times says that if not passed this year, as it wasn't under Hillary Clinton more than ten years ago, why should it be inevitable in 10 or 12 years from now if not now? It is absurd ideology to believe that socialize medicine has to be the future if not already. There are even a few countries that have tried it that have gotten rid of it. The old soviet union had no choice. There was nothing progressive about old soviet health care when it came to mental institution as anyone who was a non believer in Marxism of the kind favored in the Moscow could be locked up for ever in such an intuition for their health care. There is a little of that still going on in Russia today but for health care people there are advised to find private paid for services and to stay away from the state hospitals that sill exist. Just the fact that hospitals could be used to give electro shock therapy to non communist believers is cause enough to say no to any government take over of heath care as if somehow leads to inevitable progress. That inevitable progress in the old soviet union was so inevitable people wished it never was inevitable . How come the newspaper writers and liberal radio show hosts don't say that it was a historic event that Hillary Clinton care went down the drain instead of being passed ? It is just not fair to say that when it is something that Karl Marx says should be predicted as for the universal social good that it is historic and it is not historic if it lands in the garbage can which it has already on many occasions. Yes, Even president Truman had to scrap it's inevitability historically. If you ask me it would be even more historic if it never passes and never happens. The reason why is it has been passed in France, Cuba, England and Canada and already it is history there so it would be history here if it just never happened! What about it being the right thing to do? My experience with people telling me that they know the right thing to do is to ask them why they want to do it but not have the right thing to do apply to them themselves. If you notice on this health care bill that President Obama is pushing so hard is that public employee unions who want it so badly and the congressmen themselves not to mention the President are all exempt from the rules that are the right thing to do for the rest of us. This sort of paternalism is also a big part of Marxism directly from Karl Marx's mouth. Marx called for a dictator of the proletariat to give the little people what they require for their social benefit based on their social needs. This is why you can read articles in the New York Times by people by Friedman saying he thinks we need a more Maoist Chinese one party government in the USA to save us all from our primitive selves. He writes that as if he believes it and so long as he is not one of the little people but someone on the state payola when an imperial government for our own good takes over leading us on the Maoist shining path to Marxist utopia. This is in the New York Times in the year 2010 where they are going Marxist with what Marx saw as the need for a Roman Emperor type strongman or at least a Napoleon to redirect us all to our inevitable shining Utopian future and a very historic one too. The whole inevitable historic health care bill is directly designed to allow the US government to grab a lot more power from the people who in the US Constitution, that is completely foreign to Marxism, by generously increasing taxes and vesting the reallocation of those funds in people we don't get to see until after the bill is passed and a new multi-layered political reality engulfs the country. Ultimately they want their single payer plan that merge the IRS, social security, Medicare and medicate with the new national socialized health system. Later on they will work to nationalize the entire private health care system that does not escape to big fancy hospitals that will be built on indian reservations instead of casinos and right across the Mexican Border such that Mexico will make a fortune charing US citizens just to cross over to get to an ex American hospital that actually will let you pay for an extra MRI or a cat scan with your own money. Oh the progress of that and think of how inevitable it maybe and how historic it is. History in the making just like Karl Marx predicted it. Unfortunately for Karl Marx his writing have only proved to be influential in history since he published them however overtime Marxist has become the progress of the day it fails. If that is not empirical evidence of a major history of failure what is? 40 years ago There were as many as 3 billion people living in Marxist states. Now after they have collapsed or reformed away from real Marxism there are far less than 300 million people living in communist states because they collapsed. Those numbers are just estimates. Today Soft Marxism called socialism control More then 80% of the world's populations and it makes no sense that it is as popular as it is because the experiment is not going well. Candy coated Marxism did not last into a second term for Jimmy Carter. He had all of his terminologies going for the good of world Marxism including his concept of human rights that were supposed to be allowed inevitably to trump our constitutional rights even in the USA. Carter human rights sounded good just like carternomics but resulted in just one more experiment in Marxism that ended in failure. Soft Marxism seems to fall more lightly than top heavy imperial communism but the effects are as devastating as the centers of American cities we call the inner cities. Blessed with trillions of dollars of welfare spending and public housing these cities including the Bronx, Detroit, East LA, The south side of Chicago, Newark have become socialist disaster areas that cost more than putting a colony on both the moon and mars and have been left looking like war zones with half the building torn down and no one taking responsibility for the progressive ideology that supported and nurtured the decline. All the people who used to live there have migrated to California and oregon or to the upside part of those town where they pretend like thinking and doing good actually did good when it did not. The true believers don't even want to live in the mess they created and of course after blowing trillions of dollars on expensive wars on poverty that failed miserably the only thing they can say now is they just need more money. Comparing these basket case Marxist welfare zones with cities like Singapore and Honk Kong and free markets where almost no government money was inevitable and history real history has been made and people who were much poorer than the residents in these American slum zones were and still are today are richer on average than better parts of towns in America. The lighter the Marxism is the more successful societies are. The disparity between north and south Korea is amazing. South Korea is ultra modern and confident with world brand name industries like Samsung and North Korea has less revenues in the entire country form economic activities that Samsung corporation alone has. It is really sad reading the jiberish in the New York Times telling people in this country ,who can actually read, such stupid nonsense about inevitable historic obama care. That paper tells us that global warming is enevitable and historic too and they on and on about it after evidence keeps coming out that there may be no such thing to worry about. I have seen many cars with the bumper stickers, mostly on liberal's cars, that say "question authority" and "turn off yor TV" and my advice to them is burn down your stupid marxist book store, get it out your head and cancel your subscription to the New York Times. Turn on the TV , relax and stop trying to be the new authority. . Close

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