Monday, July 7, 2014

Oh Great God, Gravity. Gravity Is My Religion.

GRAVITY is MY RELIGION GRAVITY is GOD and that is MY RELIGION Lex Loeb Contributor Network . STARTING IN GENESIS GRAVITY CREATES THE EARTH, THE SUN AND MOON AND EVERYTHING ELSE. GRAVITY IS THE MOST MYSTERIOUS OF ALL FORCES STUDIED BY PHYSICISTS AND ASTRONOMERS. IT MAKES THINGS HAPPEN IN THE COSMOS AND ALMOST EVERYONE IN SCIENCE AGREES THAT THE FORCE OF GRAVITY IS THE CAUSE OF MOST THINGS WE KNOW. GRAVITY MIGHT NOT BE THE VOICE THAT TALKS TO BIBLICAL FIGURES LIKE NOAH AND MOSES BUT IF YOU ARE GOING TO CREATE THE EARTH FROM SCRATCH AND THE SUN YOU NEED TO START WITH GRAVITY. FOR STARS TO EXIST FOR THERE TO BE LIGHT THERE MUST FIRST BE GRAVITY TO BRING ALL THAT MATER TOGETHER TO CREATE A STAR. WITHOUT SUFFICIENT GRAVITY WE DO NOT EXIST. IT IS POSSIBLE THAT ALL THE GRAVITY IN THE ENTIRE COSMOS IS THE SAME FORCE RATHER THAN THEIR BEING SEPARATE UNITS OF GRAVITY. IN ALL OF THE COSMOS THERE IS JUST ONE UNIT OF EMPTY SPACE. EVEN BEYOND THE KNOWN UNIVERSE ZERO IS A SOLITARY UNIT OF ONE. ZERO IS COLD DARKNESS BUT GRAVITY CAUSES MASS TO ASSEMBLE AND MASS CAN CAUSE INTERACTIONS THAT CREATE LIGHT. THOSE WHO BELIEVE IN THE BIG BANG THEORY ARE DEFINITELY BELIEVERS IN GRAVITY AS GOD. THERE IS NO PLACE FOR LIFE FORMS TO LIVE WITHOUT GRAVITY CREATING THE HABITAT. OUR HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS WOULD NOT EXIST IF IT WERE NOT FOR GRAVITY. THE ELECTRICAL IMPULSES IN THE BRAIN IN SUCH CLOSE PROXIMITY OF MASS WOULD ALSO NOT EXIST WITHOUT GRAVITY. You can't even have a black hole in deep outer space without a lot of gravity that is assuming there are such things. Issac Newton was a very religious man who was also interested in alchemy at one point in his life. When he talked about "laws of nature" he was making reference to God's Laws. He followed in the footsteps of scientists who had already found "laws of nature" in areas like planetary motion. Mathematics became Newton's language for formulating his new laws all of which were to pertain to physical reality though observation. Newton had also attempted to translate the bible into mathematic language and presumed himself to be successful at it. More of a mystic and metaphysical thinker than most people realize, Newton may have actually realized, before i did, that his concept of gravity was an attribute of God himself. My sense, in logic, is that if God has attributes like a force or phenomenon of gravity among all other forces and to have light and be spiritual light etc, than it pretty much follows that God, himself, may be gravity. What was gravity before Newton discovered it? EVERYONE and most animals and plants instinctively know what it is. Animals come to the edge of a cliff and they don't just walk over the edge. We all take gravity for granted. Surely the ancients before Newton had theories of gravity? I really can't remember what Aristotle thought. but it probably was what most educated people thought about the subject prior to Newton. I certainly would not have discovered it or even had much of a fantasy about it. Archimedes seemed to know what it was as he did discover a number of things that could be done thanks to gravity. Many attributes of gravity were discovered prior to newton and important in ballistic trajectory research. The word gravity existed before Newton and even before Shakespeare. The question is now if it could actually be God? Here are some quotations from the king James bible substituting the word Gravity for God: In the beginning Gravity created the heaven and the earth. and the earth was without form and void and darkness was upon the face of the deep, And the spirit of Gravity moved upon the face of the waters. And gravity said, let there be light. And gravity saw the light that it was good and gravity divided the light from the darkness. These are the generations of Noah. Noah was just man and perfect in his generations and Noah walked with gravity.] and Gravity said unto Noah, the end of all flesh is come before me. for the earth is filled with violence though them and behold, I will destroy them with the earth. And Gravity said to Moses... and gravity was angry with Solomon because his heart was turned from gravity... The substitution of the word Gravity almost works as well as God except that it seems less mysterious because we think we are able to define it better. But can we? God is associated with such things as angels and spirits which might seem to possess the opposite force of gravity but at least it means they are free from gravity which puts gravity in control. Jesus comes around in the Bible and religious academics argue whether he is man or God and how he can or cannot be both. If Gravity is God he can be the same and different at the same time. Gravity as an all knowing being with all powerful nature may seem over simplified to some as God, but one does have to wonder. Some believe that the ancient Hebrew god derived from the Egyptian cult of the Sun as God. The Core of the Sun is pure gravity. The ability to free souls from earthly bondage is Gravity letting loose. The idea that Heaven is above and Hell below is very gravitational. The powers of creation are basically gravitational. Monotheism and Gravity have to be inter-related. When the Earth is attracted by the Sun's gravity so is the Sun to a lesser degree to the Earth's. That suggests that suggests that although gravity is in different places that it is all the same thing. Somewhere between the earth and the Sun is a point that follows the earth's orbit where the gravitational force of both bodies are the same force in unison. We can measure the gravitational pull of an entire galaxy of stars as if the whole assemblage is a uniform source. That means that far away from earth a large part of the cosmos is just one massive gravitational reality. As One goes on thinking that way sure there is also one perceived mass and source of light as well but the thing holding all and any of it together is just gravity. Try naming another force, any other force that brings it all together. Getting to the new testament. forget Gesus Christ and think of Gravity Christ or Jesus Gravity. Of course this is MY religion, if you don't like iit go back to your own. .

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