Sunday, July 6, 2014

Oh No...What If Glenn Beck is Right About Everything?

What If Glenn Beck is Right About Everything? President Obama Reveals Himself as the Anti-Christ, Israel is Destroyed, America Becomes an International Empire Run by George Soros from His Outer Space Death Star and Chemtrails Cause Global Warming Lex Loeb, Yahoo Contributor Network . Don't call Glenn Beck a conspiracy theorist. We just found out that he is right about everything. We sent a tour bus full of the professional psychics, deviners and palm readers though the the time portal at the NASA Time Machine Center in Orlando Florida on a mission we call The Glenn Beck Prophesy to find out if Glenn is right about the future. The Bus drove though the time portal and returned 39 seconds later. The drove in head first and drove out of what looked like empty space moving forewad . It is significant that it did not just back out . To everyone's horror it was not the same bus that went in. Driving out was a bus from the future of the sort that we had never seen before. It was all bashed in as if it had survived a battle field. The doors of the bus opened and to our horror only two of the original 29 psychics who left returned. They looked badly traumatized and were immediately taken to the infirmery and then to the time decompression chamber. A week later we started to debrief them after watching thousands of hours of video that they had brought back with them. Glenn Beck was not only right he is now a certified profit of biblical proportions. The NASA Time Travel Center is now considering writing a new book with 12 new chapters for the bible to be called the Book of Beck. The Obama administration with the aid of Van Jones is attempting to defund the NASA program before they can finish the book becasue they are afraid it could turn the President into a one term president. Here is what the whitehouse does not want you to know about the future: In his seventh year in office President Obama convienes a world conference with devil worshipers from around the world . The United Nations is funded to dig the world's deepest hole in the ground as a shrine to the devil and they make offerings to the devil by thowing victims animals and human into the deep hole and they dedicate Obama as world savior which is a euphamism for his becoming the anti christ. 7 of our time travel psychics are seen on video being thown into the hole which is why they did not return on the prophecy bus because Obama knew about the NASA Program and did everything he could to undermine it hoping that we would never receive the prophecy , Now that we have received the Beck prophecy all the president can do is try to discredit articles like this as "science fiction." That is how you know it is correct and true becaused otherwise the anti-christ would just admit it because he is anti christ for our own good. There is nothing that can be done to stop prophecy from being realized no matter what you do so just believe it. Chemtrails are being used to help errase memory so as to make all of this more believable. There is no room for doubt when true prophecy is at stake. Expect to see a colosal flashing red neon "Anti-Christ" sign erected on the the new dome roof of the white house between the minerettes if you survive. Here is what we now know about the immediate future. President Obama declares himself a member of the international moslem brotherhood and declares a fatwa that all in american will convert or die if they are not already on the death panel lists of the national health authority. The president then issues a reprieve to Osama Bin Laden whom he makes his international vice president and he gives Bin Laden control of the United Nations. 90 percent of Americans convert to islam because it is required to file their taxes. The IRS is not only incontrol of the national health care system it controls the islamic conversion . The onther ten percent of the people who refuse to convert to islam and killed but "humanely" after being sent to FEMA concentration camps. The islamic religious police roam the country looking for anyone to send to FEMA Concetration camps that falsely converted after the camps have federal employees who might lose their jobs if they can't keep the camps full. Redistribution is on a wholesale level. Most of the property taken for redistribution is devided between the George Soros foundation and the Obama Presidential Library Program. Soros , about to be sent to the FEMA camp for no longer being in line with the Anti-Christ, uses the 50 billion dollars he earned crashing the US dollar and the economy to buid his death star orb that orbits as the 13th planet. He decides that there is no other choice than going to the dark side as he starts wearing a hooded cape made out of fine spider silk from the Amazon. He gets in touch with the dark mater of the universes to enrich his evil powers. He has his chance to strike back at the anti-christ permanently sealing Obama in a shiny black life support suit under his own control unaware that Glenn Beck has had a DNA test that shows that he is Obama's Jedi son. Soros plots to sell the earth and its inhabitants to the intergalactic mining company that wants to harvest the earth's core to manufacture Inter galactic core products out of. It is a very lucrative deal for Soros who will have the intergalactic money to buy a couple of galaxies with the proceeds. Having thought he had a done deal Soros leaves the solar system never to return when the death star is accidently sucked into the dark forces zone of an invisible black hole. As the Soros Death Star enters the black hole event horizon he accidently has a chance meeting with Adolf Hilter whose UFO also crashed there at the end of world war 2. Soros and Hitler have a light esperanto lunch and discusss evil as the death star falls into a worm hole leading directly to the dark side of the Universe. The remaining people on earth now a tribe of left leaning new world order communists look up in the sky where they see the flash as the death star leaves the bright side of the universe to the dark side and they rejoice getting naked and smoking marijana in what seems to be the new garden of eden. People know that they have been saved by Glenn Beck whom they now consider their true savior. Churches are converted into Beckist shrines and chruches. .

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