Thursday, July 10, 2014


70,000 on the DOW by APRIL 2013! The Stock Market is Poised to Enter the Greatest Bull Market in World History Lex Loeb Contributor Network . The imperial age of the American Presidency has arrived. It is not certain whether it began with George H Bush or George W or if President Obama is the actual first emperor Pharaoh of the USA. Times have certainly changed and now we are being told that not only do we need to worship the president for a new beginning and a change that is coming as he plans not to change America but to change Americans like me. It is almost an unbelievable conspiracy that the nation would have around 7% unemployment and be on the very of falling into the next great depression without some kind of confluence of evil doing. The economy is on vacation and seems to have shut down because I can sleep till 2 in the afternoon and not get woken up by construction trucks coming up the hill. I actually saw a full bus load of people who ordinarily take their Mercedes Benz cars to work and back. The banks are not lending because people have started saving says the Blomberg terminal on television and that is amazing considering the monetary implication of how the US government is printing money these days to stimulated what must be neo -Marxism because the money printed gets absorbed like a sponge and never circulated as soon as it is printed. Mattresses have become plumper and softer than ever with so many people sleeping so well with their money. Congress sees how quickly the money fills the national mattress and only wants to print more and more and more. The implication is double digit inflation and then triple digit inflation and then maybe hyper inflation. There is still too much good money in the economy and congress and the president want to do as much as possible to flush it out of the system by printing as much bad money as possible as quickly as possible to stimulate the public into giving up on their savings accounts. Dow 70,000 is inevitable by 2013 and it could even be higher. Think of General Electric shares now trading around 11 dollars soon going for $600 and still having lost value because one would actually expect it to be over $1100 per share to appreciated even slightly! Remembering when the headlines came out that the Taj Mahal tourist attraction in India was no longer accepting US dollars as tourist payments now the Taj administrator must have turned face and given up on Euros and pounds? The US dollar is already being attacked again by the presidential administration that should be protecting it. Instead the Obama people feel they have to pay back the industrial unions that want trade protectionist legislation because they really want to totally loose their jobs in the long run not have to work to compete with foreign concerns. Ah how the labor unions have forgotten about the workers of the world uniting! American citizens should be happy to pay a 200% price increase premium on steel bars made in the USA instead of importing them at a much lower price overseas as if receiving them as a free gift.. Once inflation kicks back in it will prove totally futile to have saved any money at all because its value will decline by 100 times in a few years as stocks will appreciate in price but not necessarily in value. Social security checks would soon buy a happy meal once a month if they were not indexed to inflation. The more in debt a company is the better it will fare as inflation skyrockets. So expect 70,000 on the Dow in just a few years and feel rich again when it happens because you are still losing money. The rich will get richer as the poor continue to slide. Billionaires will need to become billionaires and eventually the imperial presidency will run the entire economy with a single joy stick. That is where the American economy is going. . Close

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