Sunday, July 13, 2014

Oregon Sorority to Marry Arab Prince

Oregon Sorority to Marry Arab Prince Story Illustrates Moral Need for Legalizing Polygamy in the USA? Lex Loeb, Yahoo Contributor Network . In a nationwide first, an entire sorority at an Oregon University is marrying a single Arab prince in a group wedding this august in a posh Emirates 5 star hotel and they intend to return to Oregon to resume their studies as a family. The Arab prince student happens to have diplomatic immunity so no mater what the marriage has to be recognized as legal but the University is objecting and the sorority society is objecting to his living in the sorority house as husband of all of the girls. Originally none of the girls knew the boy was a prince one of them met him and brought him back to the sorority where they all eventually fell in love with him and he had promised to marry each of them individually. Then the sorority rivalries began that practically tore the house apart. The girls confronted Habib in unison and found out that he is a prince with sufficient means to marry all of them. The love struck girls sought council from the retired judge living next door to the sorority house. The judge suggested that it was legal back in the Emirates for them all to be married to the prince if but that they would have to be married there and then the marriage might be recognized here in the United States and Oregon after the fact. The rivalries stopped and the girls agreed that they would all marry Habib in one big group wedding. The Prince was more than happy to marry the entire sorority and a 40 plus million dollar wedding is planned for August which includes a reception in Dubai and then one Where An entire 5 star hotel in London owned by the Emir will be rented out. The honey moon will be around the world extravaganza on the Prince's private 737. Families of the girls were initially happy that they were not expected to pay for the wedding but had not realized they are expected to contribute a dowry to the sorority family. After the honeymoon they all plan to finish their senior year in college living together as a family in the Original sorority house and this is where all the static is coming from in the community. The University and the sorority society are threatening to file lawsuits against it but it may be religious discrimination and there is the problem with the prince having diplomatic immunity. The wedding promises to be a major international sensation with 19 blonds, 13 brunettes, 5 red heads getting married to one 21 year old guy in a wedding expected to be attended by over 5000 people. This should prove to be more exciting than the British royal wedding and happier too had prince Charles been able to wed more than one woman. It maybe a first for Oregon and a first for the United States as the old Mormon polygamist weddings never were between one man and an entire sorority. It takes some creative thinking to imagine how the honeymoon works or if all the sorority girls return to the US wearing berkas or just head scarves? Are they all expected to convert to Islam or is this a multi-ethnic wedding? And what about divorce? If one of the sorority sisters wants a divorce what happens to the rest of the family? The question is is if in globalization why Americans can't have polygamous marriages? Why can't the all American boy legally marry the sorority of his choice if some foreigner can do it? Maybe it is time to change the laws. Is there really something wrong with polygamy? Why should it be a crime for a man to take more than one wife if the wives are willing to marry? It is a shame that so many senators and congressman and governors can't just marry multiple wives instead of risking infidelity and adultery charges. It is not fair to the American male not to be able to compete on an international basis. It is only fair that the American Male have the right to polygamy if entire sorority's are at risk of being lost to foreigners. We may need a new law. .

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