Monday, July 7, 2014

Oregon's Unsolved Mysteries and Portland Secrets

Oregon's Unsolved Mysteries and Portland Secrets Somethings Remain a Mystery. Maybe You Think You Know the Answer? If so Email it to Me. I Might Also Publish the Answer Lex Loeb Contributor Network . Who killed Michael Frankie? Solve this one and win ten points! Best Thesis so far is Frankie was dating an ex girl friend of the Governor. Where is the entrance to Mayor Ivancie's underground nuclear fall out shelter? Going to Gogol's Satellite Maps can you locate Phil Knight's Super Size Home on Cooper Mountain? I tried and figured it might be the one with the private running track? Everyone should be able to instantly spot billionaire homes on google maps! What is the combined sewer being built for billions supposed to do? It does not seem likely to work in a 100 year flood and if it works why does the city want to disconnect everyone's gutters from the storm sewer lines? Who named Boring, Oregon and why? Why did the city of Portland choose noxious bright florescent walmart colors for the new roll out recycling trash cans instead of earth tones? The Kettleberg Case. Off limits to the mainstream media to this day. What is the "content" in the Mercury Newspaper? Geological origin of the Steen's Mountains. This mountain range seems out of place no mater where it is. It has a definitely mysterious origin. Geological formation of Hell's Canyon? Flying over the border between Idaho and Oregon is like looking at a one of the greatest calamities to ever befall the earth's surface. It is very hard to find a good geological explanation of that landscape. What is the name of the second twelve year old who was Neil Goldschmidt's girl friend? Why does the City of Portland want to rename a street after Caesar Chavez? Just How many Santa's are in the Christmas Santa parade? More than I could count. Why Don't more Portland landers move to Vancouver, Washington where they can save over ten percent on taxes and avoid being bumped up into the alternative minimum tax. Once I found out that a wall street guru was moving his company from the San Francisco area to the Camas, Washable area it becomes clear that the financial analysis favors living in south western Washington to the Portland areas! Vancouver has the potential of becoming a lot like Seattle's Bellvue with a major tax advantage for ex -Oregonians. Why did the Portland art museum require new fancy offices almost as large as its most recent gallery addition? What is the public sector office fetish all about? Every where you look in Portland and Salem bureaucrats require fancier and more costly office set ups. I can understand no one wanting to work in a cubicle although there are plenty of those at metro. Why is the Portland zoo called the Oregon zoo? If Beaverton someday becomes a bigger city than Portland will it be renamed? There is a mysterious sign down near Portland State University in Portland at the base of SW Montgomery drive that says "TO" in big black letters. This is definitely a mystery. What does "living section" mean in the Oregonian? The official explanation for the name "Oregon " is always very dissatisfying, It is too bad the City of Portland was not named "Multnomah" instead. The Indians came up with more exotic names. Renaming Portland its old Indian name "The place of sorrows" is probably not a good idea until after the earthquake destroys it. The mystery of the native larch tree, a relatively rare deciduous conifer that grows in part of the state is one plant mystery. Another plant mystery is if origin of the high volcanic mountain peak tundra plants and even the rhododendrons at lower levels. Did skiers bring some of these plants from other areas ? with as many violent eruptions as we have had in the past how did these plants survive when there was no tundra/ Alpine zone? .

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