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Paparazzi Classes to Be Offered by Local Los Angeles Community Colleges

Paparazzi Classes to Be Offered by Local Los Angeles Community Colleges? Professors of Paparazzium Are Needed. Who is Britney Spears and Why Do I Care? Lex Loeb Contributor Network . Can You imagine a serious college course on how to become a paparazzi with professors of paparazzium and paparazzia? It maybe about to happen. This is America and we like to go to school to learn new trade professions. Becoming a member of the paparazzi is a skill profession with a lots and lots of people interested in joining the ranks. With The city of Los Angeles about to regulate the paparazzi it is the time for the formation of school classes. There is real estate school because of real estate licensing requirements. With the regulation of paparazzi school definitely becomes necessary. This is where the fun begins. Paparazzi classes will be more fun than taking a documentary film class. Imagine field trips with the class to stake out Britney Spears at home with at least one whole school bus full of community college students unloaded from each of several competing schools each day for hands on camera experience. Every day school buses would arrive with in a few blocks of celebrity homes to unload the college class camera toting mobs Since I still have not figured out who Britney Spears is and why she is so important to society I probably could learn something from taking the class! There are plenty of other celebrities maybe Miami and New York Area community colleges could also join in making this type of full college credit class available. Any great photos taken by students would be owned by the community colleges for selling for distribution which is a great reason to offer the course to students. Finding professors probably won't be hard . There are plenty of paparazzi who will gladly sell out for some additional income. National and International news feeds require up to date minute by minute photographs of Britney Spears and other important celebrities so the classes will have real economic viability. In tough times like these it is important to train Americans for the jobs they are going to need in the future. Paparazzi Class fulfills a real need. This is what community college is all about. What the hell is the use of courses like black feminist studies when real skills can be learned instead? Skills that give students a chance to get bussed around town doing something real in the field that have genuine economic value are the way to go. Some of the most obnoxious obtrusive people on the planet might actually make some of the best professors. Hopefully some with thick Italian accents can be found so they can properly pronounce the name of the profession. That kind of talent may not be the sort that can be taught but students should have that sort of exposure in the class. The best thing that could come out of it might be an annual school bus trip to Neverland. .


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