Tuesday, July 8, 2014

PEG Installs Strange New Digital Electric Meter

PEG Installs Strange New Digital Electric Meter at the House Portland General Electric's New Electric Meters Are Cause for Paranoia? Lex Loeb Contributor Network . I noticed that the electric had been off in the house one morning because the illuminated digital clocks around the house were all flashing. Later I noticed that the electric meter attached to the house looked different. The old analog wheel that used to turn round and round was gone and there was a flashy new plastic capsule box with reflective new security seal tags in place of the old glass one with a digital read out that that was flashing one and a zero and not making any sense much what so ever. I used to be able to watch the analog wheel go round and round. The faster it went the more electricity was being used in the house. This new one is completely foreign. It might be one of the new models that automatically sends the home electric use data back to the company so they rarely have to have a meter reader come out? There is no explanation. The thing suddenly appeared. Looking at it did make me just a little bit paranoid. What is all that stuff in there? If the electric company wanted to over charge a home for electric someone would have physically turned the rotating disk inside the old meter. The new one is a complete mystery and looks as if it might be possible for hackers to manipulate the data it sends out. One assumes it is more reliable and maybe even reduces the use of electricity in some new manner of sensing consumption? Can this new electric meter really be trusted? The old one you could monitor. This one is opaque in terms of how you see it making the measurements because you don't. The mystery of what is going inside the thing makes me think that this might be some sort of new Orwellian device from the book 1984 that does more than monitor electric use. That is more likely the cable television boxes also attached to the side of the house. It would have been worse if I woke up and found the electric in the house had been out, looked in the mirror and seen that the electric company had attached some sort of device to my forehead. The flashing clocks in the house certainly felt violated as they all are flashing alarm that they need to be reset. It is also a waste of electric to make the time on electric clocks indecipherable. Funny how the Orwellian looking device appears just after the national elections. Check to see if you have a new electric meter and see if you can figure out how it honestly measures your electric use by watching the liquid crystal display inside the plastic capsule box. I would have been nicer for the electric company to install a miniature private electric generating plant on the house instead so we could convert their electricity into a 1000 times more power. That was the big idea behind the City of Portland's drive to take over PGE. I will write a subsequent article on this subject if the bill for electricity goes up to $400 for the month from the usual $40 a month use fee. Installing energy efficient appliances, light bulbs and more does not seem to make the energy bill go down...Is it all a scam? .

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