Monday, July 14, 2014

Portland Community Radio, KBOO FM, Persistently Uses the "F Word" in Public Radio Broadcasts

Portland Community Radio, KBOO FM, Persistently Uses the "F Word" in Public Radio Broadcasts Apparently it is Completely Legal Because They Only Do it After 10 Pm According to FCC Guidelines. There Be a Lot of Complaints? Lex Loeb Contributor Network . I have to admit that I am a constant car driving radio channel flipper. It drives any passenger crazy that I rather like listening to all the stations at once in small snippets. Occasionally I am flipping the stations and I hear the "F-word" on FM radio and immediately stop flipping the channels. It's KBOO and they have Obscene poetry or music or a combination of the two on the public airwaves. It certainly must be legal because it happens so frequently. Today I decided to file a complaint with the FCC. Actually just sort of a complaint because I made it clear that I was not offended by what was on the radio just more curious if the only reason the station gets away with it is because it is a so called community supported public non-profit station and not a commercial station. I never ever heard that sort of obscenity on any of the local commercial stations. If this is how things work than certainly San Francisco and Berkley have even more offensive community radio broadcast on the public airwaves? I googled the FCC, which is the Federal Communications Agency that regulates obscenity , indecency and profanity on the nation's public airwaves and clicked on the complaints against obscenity/ indecency profanity home page and there I clicked on definitions where the FAQs, frequently asked questions, explains that agency decides what is indecent , profane and /or obscene "on a case by case basis." That means Kangaroo court I guess? I have never heard that sort of language on any commercial station after 10 pm or before 6 am. Yes, the rules say that the "F-word" maybe OK to use between 10 pm and 6 am but that may only apply to non-profit community radio stations? The FCC site is easy to google with the key words, "FCC complaints." the FCC complaints home page comes right up at the top of the google list. If you want to file a complaint against KBOO just email a complaint to : or you can call 1-888-CALL-FCC (1-888-225-5322). It is hard to believe that others have not complained about KBOO. My main curiosity is how many complaints have been filed so far against KBOO? Call the toll free number and ask if you are curious. It maybe possible to listen to KBOO broadcasts on their online radio station if you want to be sure you have heard the obscenities before getting worked up and angry enough to complain to the FCC. The FCC home page definitions of obscenity/ indecency profanity has a spiel on it about the Janet Jackson Breast Exposure Case that resulted in record fines against a commercial broadcast company. That happened in hour before 10 pm I guess and not on a station that is possibly immune like KBOO. What I heard a on one KBOO Broadcast was beyond audio raunch pornography. Fortunately this is Portland, Oregon and it can only get worse! Any time of day people can get on a local Portland Trimet bus and hear passengers using even more foul mouth language. It is no wonder they are on the local radio station. On the radio it is a fine art and a statement of local culture at it's best. The city of Portland commissioned a sign on the main drag in downtown Portland, SW Broadway @ SW Alder that reads "Pop Art". Neon advertising signs are highly frowned upon in Portland. It is next to impossible to get a new commercial sign for anything without going though endless sign control hearings and paying loads of fees to apply. Now the city is looking to condemn the old White Stag sign because they want to change the wording on it I presume. I can see it now--The "F-word" on that sign. The White stag sign is an outline of the geographic state lines of the Oregon with a lit up white stag leaping though it. At Christmas time the sign gets an added Rodolfo red nose every year. The city probably wants to take the T-Shirt design from the Roxy Café that reads "Portland F..cking Oregon". It is really hard to imagine how the city of Portland needs to condemn the sign if the purpose is not to change the content? That sign is just not vulgar enough for Portland. I think the city should learn from KBOO and just make their own big neon sign and put it on top of city hall. It could read "Portland F..cking Hall" that would certainly complement the "Pop Art" Sign. First you make commercial signs illegal or you condemn them and then you glorify them as fine art. This is not an only in Portland, Oregon type of story. I am sure San "F..cken'cisco" will beat us to it. KBOO May actually cure my car radio Chanel flipping problem for good. KBOO should ask the FCC to change their FM radio call letters to KFCK Portland, Oregon. .

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