Thursday, July 10, 2014

Portland Oregon Retirees Should Consider Moving From Portland To Vancouver, Washington To Save On Taxes.

The Benefits of Moving to Vancouver Washington from Portland Oregon. Can Save a Huge Amount of Your Income. it Now Pays to Move Your Business Over as Fast as Possible Reasons for Oregonians to Move Across the River to Vancouver from Portland Just Got a Lot Better Because of Measures 66 and 67! Lex Loeb, Yahoo Contributor Network . The evil big corporation and the higher income people often defined as upper middle class now have better reasons than ever to move across the river to Vancouver other state lines, though probably not California. Idaho and Nevada might make good sense too. Vancouver , Washington is the biggest destination for Oregonians leaving to save on taxes because it is part of the same metropolitan area as the largest city in Oregon, Portland. Vancouver is an up and coming place that in spite of the sales tax is going to save you more money than you realize the longer you live there the benefits compound. The first thing saved is you annual income tax of 10% or more owed to the state of Oregon. Measure 66 and 67 can hype your personal taxes up to 22% with certain capital gains transactions. More than ever moving across the river will benefit you and your business in terms of income taxes and possibly fees. One does not have to be "upper middle class to immediately get the benefit of savings on the oregon income tax because that tax is $2000 on $20000. Every dollar not wasted on Oregon taxes can be compounded as savings for your eventual personal or business use and those benefits are hugely beneficial especially for the young who will not have to give up the money for the command control Establishment in Oregon. If you are buying or renting a house in Washington the taxes and rents can be lower than in Portland. A secret for the rich in Portland is that suburbs of Vancouver including Battleground, Ridgefield, Camas and Washogle are up and coming places with lots of wealthy people moving there to escape oregon and California taxes. There are even celebrities that have discovered these locations as the place to domicile. Camas has an interesting story going for it lately . Camas is going to be shutting down the paper mill and it is going to become a lot more of a trendy place to live. Already one can drive east on interstate 84 and see the expensive view homes that have been built on the hills above Camas. The quality of life and livability standard over in Camas/ Washogle is comparable to what Oregon used to be before the explosion of big wasteful government in the state. Public parks are accessible and free to use. The people in Southwestern Washington State are friendly, almost as ethnically mixed as in Oregon and don't want anything to do with Oregon style government or they move across the river to Oregon to cash in on the outstanding welfare benefits they think they can get on the Oregon side. Crime rates are lower in Vancouver just because it is more suburban and rural with less of a professional welfare recipient concentrated inner city. Washington state does have a death tax that is between 10 and 19% above 2 million dollars . The Washington state supreme court did strike down a previous estate tax as unconstitutional in the state. Oregon's estate tax may or may not be higher. Residents of Vancouver are not billed for TRIMET waste or metropolitan service district waste. If you own a business in Oregon it might cost you money to move the corporation to Washington state but that will save money in the long run. If your business does not compete with businesses already located in the Vancouver area because you service the whole Portland metro area then your move is going to be most beneficial to you. The Vancouver chambers of commerce and business organizations are much friendlier and welcoming that anything you have experienced in Oregon. Commercial space is generally lower cost with fewer land use planning issues and barriers that have to be overcome to do business in Oregon. Vancouver tends to welcome increased tax base to the community by not making your move to Vancouver a community issue having to go though occupational hearings the way Walmart is being forced to pretend to become green and sustainable and amenable to get a new store in the Portland area or just to expand their existing stores to accommodate their businesses. Already lots of Oregonians with the incomes and the businesses that are sick and tired of the Marxist treatment from Oregon have moved to the Vancouver area. Moving the business across the river benefits you in not having to deal with the horrible back up traffic to commute to Portland. Your business can time service calls to Portland so you and your employees are not stuck in traffic. You will have peace of mind in your retirement there too because 10 percent plus savings in your income tax is money you really get to keep. if you earn $100,000 in Oregon you in retirement per year you will have to pay over $10,000 in income taxes annually. in Vancouver you save that right off the top. you won't be taxed with the Washington tax when you buy groceries. you will have to spend $100,000 on non necessities to pay as much in Washington sales taxes. What you save you keep to compound in interest for your longer term retirement needs. Hospitals in Vancouver are up to date and growing facilities. Vancouver has culture and Varioius university campuses. It even offers some urban lifestyle factors in the downtown area. Once the horrible retroactive taxes of measures 66 and 67 take effect and people susceptible see the consequences they will be seriously considering leaving Oregon. Vancouver will be their first choice for those who have ties to the Portland metro area. For those who like going downtown in Portland it is just across the river and there is actually bus service available from various points in the Vancouver area to the whole Portland transportation system. The new bridge to replace the I-5 bridge is being built to accommodate the big coming exodus to Vancouver from Portland. This is why Oregon is trying to impose a toll and Washington is opposed. Washington will probably win because Oregonians using the bridge also don't like the idea of a toll especially not on I-5 the real "freeway" that has long had no tolls from Tijuana to the Canadian Border. Washington Voters are likely to keep taxes low because they are not "liberal progressives" and many have moved from Oregon just like you will for the exact same reason. Washington could also see a return of small government way sooner than oregon goes the way of defaulting debt like California is about to. For years more well to do Oregonians have been moving across the river from Portland to Vancouver with their accountants explaining the benefits very easily. Now that Oregon is about to become one of the highest tax states in the country with the real provisions of the the recently passed measures 66 and 67 it is time to start considering moving immediately. Homes were overbuilt in the great real estate bubble and are a bargain compared to homes in the Portland area. You will immediately notice that you can get a similar home in the Vancouver area to what you had in Portland at as much as half the market price and property taxes that are even lower than half leaving you money in the bank or the ability to actually trade up with equity which is much harder to do on the Portland side of the river. You will have extra money. If you want you can build new cultural institutions over in Vancouver with the money you save with out your government forcing you to fork it over to Omsi and other nonsense that government really has no business being involved with. Want to visit Omsi? you can still be a member and get the oregon tax payer subsidy with a quick 15 minute or less drive across the Columbia river. The time to move to Vancouver has come for a lot more Oregonians in the Portland area. Vancouver area schools have plenty of money as you don't see the big propaganda campaigns to get more than $15000 per year per student you just witnessed in Oregon. There are real estate agents who realize that Oregonians moving over to Southwest Washington may need a little bit of a support group mentality to help them realize that Vancouver is different, not really far away and has a lot of amenities you are not aware of. You might be surprised that Vancouver has some bicycle paths that are far better than those across the river. Vancouver has quality farmers markets, art galleries ,cultural and education facilities and charming historic areas. Take a day some week end and do a little exploring and maybe talk to a real estate agent about the benefits you will realize moving along with your business. Move the business and you will see why people are coming from California to Camas completely skipping over Oregon! The quality of life is probably better in Vancouver. less pollution, less government,lots of accessible open spaces and Commie town right across the river. If you prefer going to Prague or Paris to Portland you are very close to the Portland Airport in central Vancouver. When you see your whopping new state of Oregon taxes that are retroactive now or the bill that comes after you have already filed for 2009 ask your tax specialist or CPA about how much money you really would save moving across the river to Vancouver. At least then you will see that you , your friends and business should just pull up stakes and move as soon as possilbe and unfortunates who can't get themselves to move will end up with even higher taxes in the future thanks to you dirty bastard scumbags who left the East Germany of Oregon--Portland and did not take a bullet in the back for it. . Close

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