Monday, July 7, 2014

Possibly the cheapest super market near the center of Portland Oregon

Probably the Cheapest Super Market Overall Near the Center of Portland, Oregon The Grocery Outlet is a Bargain Resource Just Blocks Away from Where the New Hollywood Whole Foods Market Will Be Lex Loeb Contributor Network . The building that used to be Value Village in the Hollywood district, at 4420 NE Hancock, may be the cheapest grocery store in Portland City proper. The selection was almost as large as other local supermarket , it was clean and service was good. The owners of Value village recently traded buildings with the franchise owner of this store and moved to Idaho. Each Grocery Outlet is franchised and independently owned. It is not far from the Hollywood trader Joe's and about two blocks across sandy blvd from where the new whole foods super market will be going in the lot where Washington mutual used to have it's own freestanding building. I am sure the whole foods will have a much larger selection but it's prices are not bargains compared to this store where everything is advertised as a bargain. The signs on the windows outside say something like shopping here is like food prices living at home with your parents. Some items are half the price they are at trader Joe's or Fred Meyers. I also think the prices often beat Walmart prices. The 24 hour Walmart in Troutdale can not compete on all of the prices at the grocery outlet. A website for the company is For those looking to save money shopping this is a must see if you don't have to travel too far to get there. There are other grocery outlets in the Portland area. See the website above for other locations. The store had a variety of discount wines , some off brand cheeses made in Uruguay . I found a nice bottle of "salad olives" from Argentina for just 99 cents. Not too many people have discovered this particular store yet so there were no big check out lines. It is nice to have new niche grocery stores in Portland to help people save money on basic food items. .

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