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President Obama, Jimmy Carter and the Revenge of the Demagogues

President Obama and the Revenge of the Demagogues Lex Loeb Contributor Network . The best thing to happen in the U.S. Senate in years may be having an actual comedian, Al Franken, taking a seat as a stand-up comedian. The U.S. Senate already looks like a bad joke, and now the administration seems to be creating a revolving door for washed-out demagogues from the Clinton and Carter administrations. All the talk is about the need for more and more permanent career bureaucrats in regulatory offices seems to be the real positioning of leadership. The democratic party seems to be controlled by forces below the surface who will take the real power as administration agency heads because the top line cabinet level officers can't really be taken seriously. Their best hope might be Paul Volker if he is actually appointed to the cabinet at some level. People forget that Volker was vaguely responsible for double digit interest rates in a former economic environment. The highly secretive Bush cabinet seemed to offer at least some hope in mystery where as the Obama choices seem to be twisted demagogues with personal profit motives. Someone like John Edwards would have been on the cabinet or vice president if not for his recent scandal and it seems hard to believe that a tort attorney who mostly helped to cause medical prices to spiral out of control would do much good at reducing health care costs. How are tort attorneys going to earn money if all the U.S. doctors and nurses become socialized medicine government employees that cannot be sued? If doctors can't be sued why would the tort attorney's want to support the Obama administration because they will definitely loose money? Or maybe the proposed socialize health care system proposal is more demagoguery than most people realize ? Leaning toward believing it is the work of demagogues makes sense because now suddenly everyone gets to view how the democrats go into business selling everything from senate seats to minor political favors when the facts start to leak out on investigation. The party of political power brokers is famous for it's demagogues. The irony for even those of us who don't believe in irony is the big far left liberal supporters of President Obama are quickly learning his election rhetoric was only expedient and practical and that he is no Ralph Nader. There has not been one person selected for the Obama administration cabinet so far who is not a throw back to the carter and Clinton administrations. We are talking extinct dinosaurs for big election buzz word CHANGE! The far left is already beginning to wonder if Al Franken would have made a better president in support of their ideology. It is absolutely amazing to watch the Pelossi's in the Senate starting to sound like republicans once their man becomes president. Why are people like Pelossi intent on destroying the economy by preventing oil drilling before the election now suddenly for the opposite? We have seen nothing yet. Joe Biden has not yet had his chance to really shine as a demagogue and we have to give him his biggest chance yet. The strangest thing to watch is how the core democrat power leaders are realizing just how dumb their presidential campaign promises are to raise taxes in a severe recession and have flipped the issue now supporting tax breaks. The talk in Washington is suddenly that democrats who control the majority in three major branches of congress need to bend over backward to support minority views. Either they demagogued now or they demagogued before in the election process. What is their goal? Steal a bigger part of the economy when the economy is successful or when it is failing? We get the rhetoric of Hugo Chavez Obama in the Election and after being elected he becomes George Bush , III ? This is probably the real reason someone like Ralph Nader proves consistently unelectable because Nader is unable to waffle , waiver while he demagogues? It is not good enough just to be a demagogue in politics one has demagogue one's demagoguery properly to be viewed as a good leader? The only person who can't be a demagogue is a professional comedian. Al Franken in the Senate maybe our only hope. .


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