Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Prostitution Goes Totally Legit on Craigslist? (Back In The Days Of Craigslist Erotic Services) Things Have Changed Now but even more legit.

Prostitution Goes Totally Legit on Craigslist? Posting an Add to "Erotic Services" on Craigslist Now Requires a Credit Card Linked Account and a $5 Payment Per Ad Lex Loeb Contributor Network . Craigslist.com is increasingly becoming a commercial enterprise , now partly owned by the eBay corporation , is looking to raise revenues. The erotic services section in Portland has become very interesting now that they say they are doing background checks and taking five dollar payments per ad posting. In Portland , it looks as if it is bargain priced advertising compared to the local weekly news magazines that seem to be in the businesses of promoting local prostitution. Craigslist has become much more colorful and interesting with something for everyone. I think the escort ads in a local weekly news magazine can cost over $50 compared to the $5 ads on craigslist that must be more effective. Chances are most of the ads are come ons as most advertising is. There were some stories in the local news about the Portland Vice Squad working the ads on Craigslist themselves. They are loosing revenue from confiscating cars of johns now that it seems that much of the prostitution has moved on line. Maybe the city council will pass a new law to take a john's computer system to make vice worthwhile again? It is fascinating how we are loosing our traditional newsprint rendered newspaper business in the USA in large part due to sites online like craigslist. It does save paper and therefore also trees. It seems that Craigslist should consider buying failing newspapers like the New York Times, The Oregonian , and The Washington Post because those papers could become their cover pages now that they have started to whore out advertising. Craigslist is one of the greatest social experiments in human history since the invention of hazing ritual. It is fascinating to explore craigslist advertising just for entertainment purposes. The erotic services ads is one of the most fascinating categories now. Considering that the advertising is now paid for one has to consider that all of those ads are intended as legitimate services or vice squad entrenchment enterprise. In Magazines, Donald Trump is advertising his new Donald Trump University offering some sort of MBA and noting on the ad that his new worth is estimated at 7.8 billion dollars or something close to it. We need a Craigslist Erotic Services University or maybe just an Erotic Services degree available from Portland Community colleges . The new social implications of this no so new multi billion dollar growth industry in erotic services is the biggest development in the local economy since electricity? PCC Erotic Services Classes will do a lot for people in the community who are not good at traditional education expectations.Advanced degrees from PSU could help achieve the city's sustainable industry goals since erotic service workers do not even need to own a bicycle and still 100% human power. .

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