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Protect Your Self Against a Catastrophic Spike in the Price of Gasoline If Saudi Arabia Falls into Civil War or Revolution

Protect Your Self Against a Catastrophic Spike in the Price of Gasoline If Saudi Arabia Falls into Civil War or Revolution Http://www.Mygallons.Com Maybe a Solution! There is Now a Very Good Chance that Saudi Arabia Will Experience Mass Protests and a Possible Revolution with Removal of the Dictatorial Ruling Family in Which Case Oil Prices Will Temporarily Spike Lex Contributor Network . The House of Saud in Saudi Arabia is just as much at risk as what we are seeing in Libya, Egypt, Brain and elsewhere. Major protests are threaten. One has already been scheduled for March 11Th of 2011, This is not a permanent danger sign for the petroleum markets or industry but actually a great opportunity. Saudi Arabia originally nationalized foreign oil company assets to create the State oil company of Saudi Arabia Aramco . Aramco is the chief means that the Saudi Royal family has maintained control of the country and built their international wealth base. That wealth also went into Islamic charities over the years with as much as 70 billion dollars some of which helped spawn the AL qaeda movement which in part has become a major threat to the royal family. Osama Bin Laden himself came from an non royal family in Saudi Arabia that made a fortune in the construction industry. Those companies are sill a major presence in Saudi Arabia and they built road bridges, skyscrapers and even rebuilt the great shrine in Mecca. Osama Bin Laden was the ultimate black sheep of the the Bin Laden Family in attempting to overthrow the Saudi Government which is really what our 911 attack was all about. The Al Qaeda radicals are still working and hoping to overthrow the Saudi Government . From time to time you read in the news that the Saudi government has arrested x number of radicals that threaten the state. For everyone they catch there are thousands more. National resentment of the house of Saud in Saudi Arabia is not just limited to AL qaeda or some other specific group. The whole concept of a country of 25 million people with a government that is an extended family enterprise with what is called a sovereign wealth fund does not make everyone happy. Envy runs out of control in the middle east and in a country like Saudi Arabia where there is no viable constitution that gives the people the right to vote the royals out of government and no clear means of deciding political succession leaves a political coup as the only possible outcome if there is going to be a major political change in the country. In Saudi Arabia the military is controlled by the royal family that puts individual princes many of them western educated in charge of the branches and units of the military. That still leaves a large enlisted army that although well paid might not want to go out and beat up or kill the general population if mass protests in the Egyptian/ Libyan model break out. The international oil markets are already griding for disaster if Saudi Arabia becomes unstable. They are not even going to wait for a revolution to occur to know that the outcome in the shorter term means higher oil prices world wide. Higher oil prices can translate into our economy being temporarily shut down much thanks to our idiot president shutting down gulf oil drilling and preventing any real energy development. President Obama really does risk impeachment when gasoline prices spike to $6 a gallon because he is on record saying that is his plan and he has not reversed himself on the issue yet in any believable manner. Message to Obama: there is no way to flip the USA into a green energy economy in a two week period of time and our economy will just have to go on vacation until prices come down. In China and India the spike in international prices will be catastrophic and could cause major riots in both places as people won't even be able to find food in super markets. A big mess could be on the way especially if our dumb president does not know to at least temporarily secure oil fields in places like Libya and Saudi Arabia and the despots start to set them on fire the way Saddam did, In Libya that threat has already been made by Daffy. The Saudi Royals are already an international clan. Don't necessarily expect higher gold prices except temporarily as their gold is already on deposit in foreign banks and the flow is now accelerating due to the risk parameters they are now assessing. One Saudi prince already stated publicly he expects a revolution may dethrone the family. All that gold and treasure moving out of Saudi Arabia will find its way into Europe and the US and then will need to be sold to raise money for the royals to start re-establishing themselves overseas buying houses etc. That could mean a glut of gold coming and even a glut of diamonds. Eventually after the revolutions take hold if they do, The new owners of Saudi Arabia will have wrecked a big part of the capital structure of the country and will need to rebuild anything destroyed in the civil war of the moment. That means a coming glut of oil after either democracy or a new tyranny takes hold. No one knows which will take hold of a country like Saudi Arabia. The benefits of a revolution are to gain access to the oil money and specifically that above all else in Saudi Arabia which means a glut of selling to raise capital. Any new government will want those revenues as all the gold wealth of the royals will be in Singapore or Western banks. It could take years for the revolution to calm down and that could be a long economic holiday that president obama helped create for us by increasing our foreign dependence on gasoline instead of proving that he could make alternative energy sources economically feasible first. He will never win a second term in office if oil prices spike above $5 a gallon and as I said could find himself in impeachment proceedings because he is actually now in contempt of court keeping the gulf off limits for development. That is almost treason and supports the idea that people like Glenn Beck have that he is intentionally trying to destroy the US economy for future political gains. So what can you do to protect yourself financially? You can buy US oil companies on the stock exchanges but beware the Obama administration is looking for an excuse to nationalize them because of all the nonsense we have been reading in the popular media about how great these countries like saudi Arabia are with these big crony capitalist sovereign wealth funds. Even as we are watching the sovereign wealth countries implode the idiot president is still thinking about nationalizing the oil companies to make himself world emperor and to make useful idiots of the democratic party and their extremist socialists at the fringe. The US oil companies are already at risk of more nationalization in some of the countries that are experiencing revolutions now. Not Saudi Arabia at least not directly because the Saudi Royals locked them out. The Saudi fields are badly in need of new us oil company technology to renew their productivity but were locked out because of fears exactly what is starting to happen now. A major popular revolution. We have to wish the people of Saudi arabia the best and hope they do end up with a democratic secular government and not just another throw back to the despots of ancient history. That unfortunately is none of our business. It may be our business to secure the oil fields there and it can be done fairly easily because most are remote from urban areas. The US military and NATO don't have to confiscate the fields just hold them from being sabotaged as the country goes into possible civil war. Our president seems to be clueless. He has all the idiot influences of the Carter foreign policy running those affairs so the prognosis is a high likelihood of disaster at least temporary disaster and a major spike in oil prices coming very soon. The president can't even put an instant stop the Somali piracy hostage taking by clearing the waters there of all Somali ships or just putting a blackwater agency in charge of cleaning up the area. It has already gone too far there with excessive insurance rates for shipping. Obama is clueless. He appears to be clueless about Saudi Arabia. You can offer yourself some protection. First prepare to hunker down for an economic inconvenience of sharply higher oil prices. stock up on basic supplies like food to last maybe a month. Buy gasoline in advance. Or buy oil companies if you think Obama might start thinking about returning Saudi oil fields to the US companies they were stolen from by the house of saud or you can buy oil and gasoline futures and option if sophisticated to make a killing in the market with very significant risk of going broke because there can just as easily be a glut once OPEC falls apart in the aftermath of new governments eventually coming to power. For the rest of us you can just prepay for gasoline with some premium by going to a site like . This website allows you to use a credit card and buy gasoline now at today's price. It may not be the perfect vehicle to do so but with the coming financial shock we will have if Saudi Arabia Falls at least temporarily it might be a good idea to stock up on gas now in advance. I would not buy more than a couple of months of gas at most but I would consider buying some. Wait till it happens the obama demigods will start blaming the big American oil companies when prices hit six or more dollars per gallon and they will be accused of gauging! Everyone this time will see the video clips of president Obama calling for higher and higher unaffordable gasoline and know otherwise. If the republican actually join the democrats in calling for windfall profits because the gauging which a lot of them tend to do when oil prices spike then the oil companies will just start exploring and drilling for less and prices will possibly even go to $20 a gallon. At $10 a gallon is when the Tea Party takes to the streets calling for the impeachment of Obama and it will be joined by all the labor unions except the public employee goon unions who be sending people out in streets to name Obama Caesar Obama Communist Manifesto Dictator of the Green Proletariat. This time the impeachment will stick and congress will be replaced either by a libertarian congress or a hard right Congress that will vote to go to war to take the Saudi Oil Fields to solve the problem. In the mean time pay for gasoline now and be able to drive where you want to without having to wait in a Carter like idiot rationing line at the gas station because with your prepaid gas card you go to the front of the line ? Well this is the reason not to buy too many gallons of gasoline in advance using a service like because when Obama imposes Carter style rationing the gas-stations will not want to honor the card and you might end up in court having to get pennies back on the dollar. If you have your own storage tanks you can have them filled with the gas or diesel now and put them aside for emergency use. .

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