Monday, July 7, 2014

Ready to Eat Cold and Raw: Unlikely Frozen Treats from Your Local Super Market

Ready to Eat Cold and Raw: Unlikely Frozen Treats from Your Local Super Market Looking for Something Cold to Eat and Healthier Than Ice Cream? Lex Loeb Contributor Network . Super Market Bags of Frozen Blue Berries make for excellent eating without defrosting them. Actually some of us think they taste better frozen than they do thawed or defrosted. just pour some in a bowl and eat frozen. You can also find bags of frozen Raspberries at some supermarkets. These are also excellent eating un-thawed undefrosted and frozen. Frozen strawberries are also available as are sometimes frozen Mellon balls. These are all excellent eating in their frozen state. They are made to be defrosted before eating but that tends to make the fruit a bit of a watery mess to deal with. If you don't find these in the super market you can buy them fresh and freeze them for frozen consumption in plastic zip lock plastic bags. Ready made store bought is the fun of having them conveniently available already at your local super market. For something a little more unusual in the super market freezer department there are the frozen vegetables that can be excellent gourmet non defrosted frozen eating. The most acceptable are frozen corn, not the corn on the cob but the frozen corn off the cob. Taste a few kernels and you might find them addictive. If you like them then just pour some frozen in a bowl and consider adding salsa to these and eating them uncooked, unthawed and frozen. Sweet corn tastes different frozen than prepared , cooked or thawed. You often may see frozen corn uncooked and thawed and available at salad bars. Frozen corn may be hard to digest but it states good. sort of has a milky sweet flavor to it. You have to taste it to find out. After Frozen Corn goes on the menu why not try frozen peas. They taste different than plain raw peas you find at salad bars and different than the boiled kind. Frozen mixed vegetables , peas and carrots, various mixtures including peas, carrots, green and other bean segments and corn are tasty frozen and certainly better for you than ice cream. Sometimes you might find frozen mango and papaya in super markets these are excellent eating in their frozen state. If you are going to buy it frozen you might consider eating it frozen and the fruits in particular. Fresh fruit is always the better alternative to thawing frozen especially when fresh fruits are in season. .

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