Monday, July 7, 2014

Regrets About My Ant Eater Nose Implant....

Should Have Ignored the Website that Sold Me on Having the Ant Eater Nose Job Lex Loeb Contributor Network . It was a mistake. I should not have done it. I wanted the perfect nose. I wanted a nose with witch I could sniff under the refigerator when necessary to find something that has rolled under it and then to be able to retrive it. I wanted the abilty to sniff around corners. I wanted the elegance of noses as seen in elite fashion magazines. No other animal has such a lovely nose except maybe an elephant, but you can't always believe what you read on the internet. I read that I could have the surgury only for just $1995 but it cost me ten times as much for the reconstructive plastic surgeon specializing. Nose augmentation enhnacement costs far more than advertised online. I was born with a small button of a nose which is embarassing to show in public. Since I was ten I wanted to be Cyrano de Bergerac since I saw the movie. Even Cyrano's nose was too small for my dream nose I wanted the whole snozzola not just a big nose. I wanted the very best nose nature had to offer. I was going to find the world's very best plastic surgeon and I was going to have the very best designer nose job ever. More to the story later.

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