Sunday, July 6, 2014

Revenge of the American Tourists in Paris

Revenge of the American Tourists in Paris The French Tourism Board Has Had Enough. American Tourists Have Officially Been Listed as Unwelcome Cultural Terrorists Lex Loeb Contributor Network . Americans used to being treated like cultural infidels in France continue to travel to travel there because they enjoy the abuse they take. Some American tourists who still can't get enough of the abusive nature of their French hosts have discovered how they can exploit the unfriendly xenophobic nature of some of the worst offending Frenchmen. to their own advantage. Thanks in part to new technologies even the ugliest Americans have more than a fighting chance to totally obliterate French elitist chavenism. American tourists taking revenge has become a major source of Frustration for French chavenists who feel they have been brutally disarmed by a conquering army of barbarians . Battle dazed they don't know how to fight back. Even Chauvenism Central- Paris has begun to wonder if the French language is dead and their culture is irrelevant other than being a quaint Theme Park experience for transient American tourists. It is just the American tourists who have started this the Tourists From Japan, Australia and China may soon be following the Americans and then then there maybe no one left for the French Chavanist to offend. Get the whole family Warner Brother's cartoon skunk T-shirts and go.

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