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Best Kept Secret Park in Lake Oswego

Best Kept Secret Park in Lake Oswego Great for Bike Riders, Walking and Running with Scenic River Views Lex Loeb Contributor Network . Lake Oswego does not like to advertise some of its best attractions for fear of attracting non-locals. The area has many interesting treasures almost no one from the Portland area bothers to explore. Lake Oswego has long had the cache' of an upper middle class white Anglo Saxon enclave that does not want the company of everyone from the Portland Metro Area coming in. One can't blame the present day city for trying to protect itself against crowds of non local strangers using their public facilities. Anyone who has been to lake Oswego actual lake knows it is a privately owned body of water that does not welcome the public access in anyway. That is not true of the Oswego Furnace Tower in George Rogers Park or Old River Drive that connects to the park's main pathway up along the Willamette river front. Along most of Old River drive the fr…

Finally Solving The Problem Explaining How and Why an Electric Current Causes Resistence As It "Flows' Across A Conductive Surface.

For years and years science has misunderstood the cause of resistance due to the transmission of an electric current.  It has always been assumed that the electric current is agitating atoms and their electrons as it is transmitted.  In reality what is really happening is that Atoms and their electrons are themselves agitating the electro magnetic current transmission.  like photons an electro magnetic current is a 'disturbance ' that has no mass , carries no energy and is merely code that interacts with some types of materials and not all others.  That's why some materials are more conductive than others.   When the electromagnetic current transmission goes along the outside of a conductive wire it is actually just  coding that taps into the latent underlying energy of momentum of the material as it hurls with the earth though space at perhaps more than a million  meters per second.  That slowing of mater giving the type of susceptibility  in the photonic code  then cause…

South Korea Olympics Considers Bringing Team Sexual Harrassment To Winter Olympics.

Nations will build teams from their top sexual harassers.  Hillary Clinton and a completely innocent 22 year old woman named Bambi will be dropped into a padded  walled rink.   Teams like the US Team lead by world champion Harvey Weinstein  will enter and compete.  North Korea's Kim Jung UN could also directly compete.