Friday, July 11, 2014

Rude Crude Effective Ways to Pick Up Chicks--So the story goes....some Yale college kid in a bar whipped it out and pissed on a girl there. She fell for him and they later married.

Rude Crude Effective Ways to Pick Up Chicks (but this is about baby chickens) These Methods Can Actually Work. it is Astonishing to See that They Can Actually Work. Looks and Personality Can Still Be the Difference Between Success and Failure Lex Loeb Contributor Network . Most girls will be totally turned off by these pick up antics. Maybe one out of one or two hundred get turned on by the rudest curdest pick up artists which is enough to make it worth trying. One favorite story comes from a Yale University Party a number of years ago. This drunk guy starts taking a piss on the shoes of one of the sorority girls she is enranged as would be expected but her best friend falls in love with the guy and eventually marries him. The moral of the story is that what turns off one girl might turn others on. That is not a recommended way to try and pick up chicks but just proof that the impossible can happen. In some bars buying girls drink is a way to make contact. Sometimes it is just more effective to give girls a dollar to dance with them. I was at a night club with a blond co-worker who somehow was making money because of all the dollars she was getting. Unfortunately a dollar may be worth a dance but won't get much further than that. A drink leads to small talk and a dollar to one dance. My blond friend went in with no dollars and came out with who knows maybe $20 or $50. She ignored me because I was not paying. A more effective way practiced by more well to do friends is to come up to a girl in a night club take a hundred dollar bill out of your pocket and write your phone name and phone number on it. It actually works. Don't expect to get the first girl you give the bill too because the bill circulates and someone , if not the US treasury, calls. Sometimes its more effective to tear the hundred dollar bill in half and write the name and phone number on one side and keep the other half in your wallet for later matching and taping back together. That way the bill does not first end up going to the bar tender but stays in circulation longer. Is it worth a hundred bucks? Seems to work so well a man can end up like Tigerwood with with a lot of women calling for weeks to come for just one hundred dollars. It is a better method than taking a piss on a girl's legs in public. Talking can also work. There are guys who work bars and nightclubs that go up to every girl there and say something like, "I have always wanted you." One out of so every many girls there actually falls for it. Always for the last ten minutes.... The strange thing about people is that if they have seen you before or remember talking to you on an earlier occasion then they start feeling comfortable in having already met you. What works is usually the second or third time the guy comes up and says to the same girl "I have always wanted you." The first time both the guy and the girl are sober, The second time they are slightly juiced and the thrid time when it works they are both drunk. The drunk girl knows it is true . He always wanted her. The most astonishing technique is the guys who go upto the girls who completely ignore them showing absoultely negative interest in the guy but who are presistent. These guys seek out just those girls who won't even look at back at them them. The more the girl ignores them the more often they come back and try talking to them. The trick used is these girls are often standing around with other girls who the guy ignores and those are the ones the guy is really after. That is percisely the reason they go after the girls who won't even look at them or respond to them. All the world is a stage. It can work playing to the wrong audience. .

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