Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Scientists Prove that the Universe is Just a Vast Projected Hologram Composed of Pixels

Scientists Prove that the Universe is Just a Vast Projected Hologram Composed of Pixels Peering Behind What Once Seemed to Be Obvious Reality, They Find that There is a Greater Power Controlling Everything We Collectively Experience Lex Loeb Contributor Network . The ACME Physics Lab at Mount Tabor Community College in Portland, Oregon with a 400 million dollar critical science grant from the federal government has discovered that reality is not what it seems and life is just an illusion. The original hypothesis of Dr Effordless Shamley was that space-time in reality should necessarily void the concept of there being any need to have the third dimension. He proposed that an experiment could be conducted using complex machinery he calls the Reality Observatory could disprove the existence of the third dimension and lead to advanced research showing that Reality is actually a projected illusion that fools everyone. What his research proves is mind startling. Reality turns out to be a vast holographic projection made up of cosmic pixels generated by some singularity that happens to be some sort of amazing alien computer. What started as a quest to find out if there really is a third dimension advanced to the realization that the earth really is flat and as you go over the edge you can look behind the curtain and have a look at what you were never supposed to see or know. Everyone in the laboratory had their own biblical of genesis moment like the forbidden fruit of knowledge from the garden of eden having gone over the edge and seen behind the curtain. No one so far, has gone over the edge but have only taken a look so far. It might take a multi billion dollar NASA size program to go beyond the Mount Tabor ACME Lab reality observatory with a live manned mission over the edge off and outside of our known flat universe. Dr. Shamley says he has a pretty good idea what they will find as he says, "This projected hologram has to be the product of highly intelligent life forms maybe even God." Speculation what is really behind the false reality we all experience could even be worse than an other sequel to the Keanu Reeves Matrix movies series. Too many people were convinced those films were actually real just as Freddie Mercury sing the pre-recorded lyrics that the illusion is real. Highly complex mathematics of Einsteinian astro physics of time space warp led to the suspicion that there is no third dimension, that everything in view in the cosmos is made of pixels and that some vast cosmic hologram presents us with a convincing illusion of reality. Thanks to the National Reality Observatory we not only know that the world is flat and we have the keys to neutralizing the illusion that has clouded our small human brains since we evolved from apes. Scientists know wonder if lower life forms than humans are as fooled by reality as humans are? The emerging hypothesis is maybe not. Anyone who has ever observed animals with their irrepressible automatic instincts wonders where their orders come from since none are able to think in the same complex abstract terms of reasoning that humans do. Animals and plants may have more direct access to what lies over the edge of reality behind the hypnotism of the false holographic reality that we all naturally believe is real. Beyond predictable animal instincts there is photosynthesis. From the glimpse of what lies behind the proverbial curtain of reality Dr Shamley can say without any hesitation that this is definitive proof of the existence of God or a higher power of equal equivalence. Why if nature is one big hologram doesn't God just come in unexpectedly and change the illusion. Dr. Shamley fears he might. "The last time humans ate of the forbidden fruit it was in the garden of eden and that is when God flipped the illusion of reality on them. There is no doubt that this also proves that the universe may have been created in exactly 7 days. The projector of the Illusion could shut it off with the flip of a switch if he or she wanted to. We must be careful not to go to far beyond the limits of reality given to us . Still I advocate a fully manned mission over the edge to find out exactly what is going on here Instead of Scientists we might be better off sending the Pope, Bishops, Preachers and At Least One Rabbi just in case God objects to the intrusion then at least we have sent people who profess to know God better than we scientists do." So far there are only a few pictures of what seems to lie over the edge. Scientists expected to see black nothingness but instead found only the crisp white light that might just be some kind of cosmic photo studio. For more information and to be updated on this important project visit the ACME Lab National Reality Observatory site on a regular basis. .

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