Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Gogga Lagga Wagga Mugga Fugga Pagga! Lex Loeb Contributor Network . Why wait for history to be revealed when we can just make it up? Everyone knows that the truth is stranger than fiction. A good fiction writer often gets it right without really knowing. The untold story can't wait. Yes there is a very good chance that once Putin worked as an American Spy in the old KGB of the soviet union. How dumb can the government be if they have done it again. Was Kruschev an American spy too? Yes there seems to be pretty good evidence that maybe true. The communist Soviet Union was so hard up for cash the US could find double agents willing to spy on the Russians at the upper most levels of the government. Castro may even be on the US payroll as the deep throat of Havana. Is Kim Il Sung receiving secret payments as an American Spy in North Korea in exchange as an other deep under cover agent who actually does provide useful information? I think I would bet on it. American Intelligence is way over-rated. Did you hear the funny joke about what happened before 911? The CIA was not allowed to communicate directly with the FBI because of ideotic firewall in place ever since the Frank Church hearings. Neither the FBI nor the CIA could figure out how to communicate their information directly to the executive branch so someone with authority could alert the other firewalled branch of government.

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