Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Shameless Oregon's Legislature Wants to Raise Beer Tax to Nearly $50 Per Barrel --Highest in the USA!

Shameless Oregon's Legislature Wants to Raise Beer Tax to Nearly $50 Per Barrel --Highest in the USA! Oregon is About to Become the New Prohibition Model for the Nation Lex Loeb, Contributor Network . Beer drinkers are now once again under attack in Oregon because the State of Oregon is bankrupt and just pretending it can continue living beyond it's means indefinitely. California is getting the news headlines but Oregon is quietly hiding it's horrible mismanagement of public funds. The Oregon Tax on Beer if this measure passes, Not including federal excise and other taxes might actually exceed the costs imposed on tea that fermented the Boston Tea Party in 1773. The cost per 12 once can of beer will be around 15 cents per can and that would make it 91 cents per six pack. Say the average six pack costs around $5 that is about an 18% tax. The British tax on tea only amounted to around 3% of the wholesale price and that sparked a tea party that is often given credit for helping to ignite a revolution. A pound of quality tea sold by the British colonial trading monopoly cost only about $ 21.11 without the tax converted in today's money . With the British tea duty imposed the cost only went up to $21.74 converted into 2008 US dollars. The tea duty was at the wholesale level of 3 pence per avoirdupois (sold by weight) pound of tea. This translates to about 9.2 cents per tea bag verses 9.5 cents with the duty imposed for the colonists in 2008 dollar translation. The cost of a $1 can of beer goes to 1.15 with the new tax imposed. That would make a 9.2 cent cup of colonial tea cost 10.6 cents as a comparison. O.K. that does not make you feel like a Portland beer party yet, but wait... The British lost 342 crates of tea due to the Boston tea party which amounted to about 1.9 million 2008 US dollars worth of tea (10,000 British pounds). A British pound was worth around 190 of today's US dollar. The British hoped to collect about 57,000 of todays US dollars for the cargo tossed overboard at the tea party. A pound of tea makes is about 228 tea cups full. And that is for good quality tea. The colonists could also buy illegal black and grey market imported tea that arrived in Boston Port for less money. .

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