Monday, July 14, 2014

Sick and Tired of Having to Deal with Money? Then Send It To Me.

Sick and Tired of Having to Deal with Money? Is Money the Root of All of Your Problems? Causing You Anguish? Making You Worry? You Want to Destroy It? There is a Solution. Send it to Me and I Will Kill it for You Lex Loeb, Yahoo Contributor Network . Money is a responsibility and a burden it even causes fear when it is not generating greed and war. The stuff is dirty. You have had enough of it. You still have too much of it and you need to get rid of it. Your life will be so much more simple without money . More is too much . Less is poverty. The government is promising you that utopia is possible , All we need is bigger government entitlements based on a simple formula of each according to his needs. It is government that is best to decide who should get what based on need. If you get what you need and not much more from the government than everything will be fine. Government has a poor track record of creating this type of utopia because when the entitlement system grows a strange thing happens where government insiders and officials end up needing a lot more than most of the average people who believe they are getting government service. This is why the elite in Havana live in plush air conditioned Miami style high rises unlike the rest of Havana residents living in abject poverty. Governments who have tried it have never actually made money go away. As hard as they try they fail to kill money. Every Socialist and Communist government tries to limit the access of their citizens to foreign exchange alternatives to the local currency because they themselves hoard it. Sick of Money? Send It To Me: Make checks or cash out to Lex Loeb or UFO Museum POB 6522 Portland, Oregon 97228-6522 I will neutralize and contain it for you.

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