Thursday, July 10, 2014

Slavery Is Still Practiced In Africa. The Europeans Still Get All The Blame. Slavery Has A Secret Politically Incorrect History. Most Of Our Ancient Ancesters Were At One Time Slaves.

The Secret History of Slavery Lex Loeb Contributor Network . Americans obscessed with our own history of slavery as an abomination and abolition know little about the history of slavery. About the only other sense of what slavery was besides the practice in the American south prior to the Civil War is the Old Testiment story of Moses freeing the Hebrew Slaves from Ancient Egypt. For thousands of years slavery has been a part of human existence often the backbone of high civilization. People offen conceeded to become slaves rather than face worse alternatives. Slavery was most often a person's last personal decision faced with the worse alternative at the point of a swoard. Becoming a slave could be a bargain in the right set of circumstances. A conquering tribe or more advanced army gave people slavery as a gift compared to what might otherwise have happened to them. Faced with the choice of being hacked to death or becoming a loyal slave it is easy to understand who most of our ancient ancestors, or at least mine, endured countless generations of slavery. Not all our ancestors were slaves some rose above it. The whole history of civilization is one about conquests and re-conquests, wars, peace, expansions and failures slavery is always in the footnotes of history and in the details. Unknown to many is how though the ages slavery was institutionalized with slaves not just being subject to involuntary conscription but by social mechanics that made people accept the station in life as a slave. Imagine a Madison Avenue ad agency creating an ad campaign to convince peple to become slaves. It actually happens. Slavery is not just the form of being owned by other individuals as property but also it is a form of being property of the state. It is truely remarkable how easy it is for slavery to take root voluntarily. The very frist slaves were probably just hauled away as the spoils of war. Lucky not to have been mercilessly killed thoughout history by invading tribe and armies, those taken into slavery were the lucky ones. It happened very often. As often as their was war and that usually was seasonal. Sometimes a conquering army would come in kill the slave masters to steal the slaves. Freeing slaves was rare in war and conquest but freqent in peace time. Slavery was often wrapped up with ideology, rationalizations,excuses. Slaverly is bad enough and then there are cast systems. American slavery was something of a cast system based on race and color. Nothing really entirely new in ancient history. Slaves are known to have been held on no less than six continents. The thought of low wages in China and Vietnam makes people think of the expoitation of slaves in more ancient times. The question is who it is that makes these people slaves? Is it those of us who pay little for quality products made by people paid at very low wages or is it the chinese state government that holds the slaves. .

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