Monday, July 14, 2014

Software to Automatically Flag and Remove Everything Posted on Craigslist

Software to Automatically Flag and Remove Everything Posted on Craigslist Revenge of the Overly Flagged and Removed on Craigslist? Some Secrets of How Flagging and Removal Works from Craigslist Lex Loeb Contributor Network . Anyone who has put up an ad to sell something on craigslist knows how quickly it can be flagged and removed. One can put up an ad for an electric typewriter under "electronics for sale" and have it flagged and removed. One can put up an ad to sell one's art work and find out that the art's community on craigslist does not believe what you are selling is art. It gets flagged and removed with no explanation! The Craigslist site says to "flag with care". With some experience being flagged and removed often enough for no reason it may even seem that some advertisements and flagged and removed by online competitors. They do flag with care. They flag their competition only. Want to find out how to get something flagged and removed on craigslist try flagging and removing yourself. Pick and ad of your own or someone Else's that annoys you for virtually any reason or none at all and "flag with care." Chose from the ad being "mis-characterized", "prohibited" or just being "over posted spam". Easy to do. Just click on the flag button in blue. This will not flag a listing. You can try clicking to flag more than once and get the desired result sometimes and especially with your own ad. The best way to flag and remove is to have more than one computer user flag and remove. Poof. Annoying ads are gone. Got friends who want to censor craigslist with you than have a flagging and removal party. There are people actually doing this on many craigslist sites. These people have decided to sit at their computers for hours , day after day, week after week, monitoring certain craigslist topic areas acting as moderators and censors. If you want to join them why waste your time when you can get Craigslist-Ex Instant automatic keyword flagging and removal software? Craigslist has seen better days when the online free advertising entry-order system did not become so popular as it has today. It used to be that real estate agents did not dominate the real estate for sale section. Today they do. Already Craigslist suffers from automatic posting software that allows spam to dominate some areas on craigslist. Then came the spam-x software and after that the flag and remove virtually everything software. If you want to sell something why bother with craigslist now that it has so many defects? There is where longer term ads can quickly be placed with less hassle and there is also a Walmart free classified adverting site that also works very well. These sites may not have all the raw prostitution advertising but in due time they may become better sites to post to because the automatic flagging and removal software won't work on them they way it will on Craigslist. Craigslist is huffing and puffing about community standards and then having anyone flag and remove with "care" while tolerating outright pornography, pandering, prostitution and even recently hosting the Craigslist murderer and your ads are being flagged and removed because you list an old electric typewriter under the electronics heading. The flagging and removal system at craigslist is absurd it is practically an invitation for mass automatic flagging and removal software to monitor the system say every 5 minutes and clear all ads containing the dangerous key words, "the" and "and". Craigslist seems to be degenerating. The experiment was worthy. With the search mechanism it would seem that virtually anything could be removed just by doing a keyword search a child protection system on your computer in which case Craigslist is no place for you to be at all. Switching to alternative sites like from ebay or or Walmart classified ads is one way to get around the need for flagging and removal or risking being flagged and removed. Considering what gets flagged and removed and what does not does say something about the communities that have grown up to control posting areas on Craigslist but at the same time it does eliminate a lot of community access once the zealot Flaggers take over. Craigslist may even be using keyword flagging and removal software to automatically do the trick themselves? If you wish you had automatic craigslist flagging and removal software you probably are not alone. The problem for the developers of automatic flagging and removal software is if they sold it to one person that would be the last person they would ever sell it to. Craigslist would be a blank page. Craigslist should rethink how their flagging and removal system works. Recently they introduced the need for having an account with telephone verification. After that happened an small industry of software designers sprang up with software to get around the telephone verification. There are telephone forwarding exchanges that issue free temporary phone numbers. So in areas of craigslist where phone verification is required like to post a Prostitution ad under "escort services." A good escort service Internet technician person can just create a new account every time they want to post new ads. Craigslist is said to have shut down some of the software developers particularly those who at first wanted to make all of craigslist for all locations around the world search about from a single search engine. Later a simple way was discovered around that. One can do a google keyword search including the word "craigslist" and the key words. Up pop all the recent ads posted on craigslist all over the world! Google also has free advertising to try out. Craigslist has a lot of popularity but strangely the usefulness of the site seems to have diminished with it's popularity. Some topic areas on craigslist like "politics" have the left wingers flagging the right winger posts and vice versa! With automatic flagging and removal software poof we have "net neutrality" and nothing posted under the heading "politics" on craigslist? How much would you pay for automatic flagging and removal software? Maybe the designers would make more money if they put it up for auction on ebay? .

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