Monday, July 14, 2014

Solar Power Collectors May Cause More Global Warming Than Greenhouse Gases and ALL the science supports it.

Solar Power Collectors May Cause More Global Warming Than Greenhouse Gases Solar Power May Not Be a Great Substitute for Greenhouse Gas Producing Fuels. Conservation of Energy is a Basic Principle of the Science of Thermodynamics Lex Loeb Contributor Network . There is bad news for the proponents of Solar Energy systems. They can cause more global warming than greenhouse gases can if use is wide spread. Do the numbers your self if you don't believe it. The math is pretty simple. Anti global warming proponents argue that the earth could warm up a few degrees in 100 years because of carbon dioxide. The most efficient solar collect delivers as much as 95% of the available solar energy to heat water in a solar hot water tank system. The passive solar energy hot water tank heaters are most efficient because there is no necessary conversion to electric. The light energy is retained when light strikes a non reflective black surface. The system works the same way that asphalt roads get too hot to walk on on in bare feet on a hot sunny summer day. The conversion of light directly to heat means that the heat is being retained for a longer period of time on the surface of the earth. Asphalt roadbeds are one of the main reason cities across the globe are known to be warmer than the surrounding countryside. The urban warming effect from darker surface exposure to the sun has long been known to help create anomalous weather conditions in urban areas. Thanks to the conservation of energy, one of the more basic laws of the science of thermodynamics, once the solar collector has heated water in the hot water tank it has essentially helped to warm the earth by a known measurable finite amount of retained energy. We can use a thermometer to measure the temperature of the solar heated water. When the water is used the heat remains in the environment longer than if the light had just been reflected instead of retained for energy use. Steam from a shower will put heat in the atmosphere. Hot water going down the drain will immediately start warming the earth. The heat from the water does not go away. It stays around longer. By comparison carbon dioxide and methane in the atmosphere may have some warming potential but these gases are diffuse and expand when heated they also cool down quickly when not exposed to the sun especially at night. Carbon dioxide also is more likely to get hot from sun light exposure faster if in contact with a dark black object in the sun like a solar panel than it is under conditions where there is sun light reflected back into space from the ground. Large concentrations of solar collection devices on the surface of the earth by comparing the efficiencies could actually cause more global warming that any of the diffuse greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. What is the difference? Green house gases are projected by the self appointed experts in the field to maybe warm the surface of the earth as much as 5% in over 100 years in the very worst case scenario. So if average temperature is say 65 degrees for the earth then the average temperature the green house gas pollution is going to cause will be at worst 1.05 x 65 degree Fahrenheit. that would change world average temperatures (assuming 65 degrees ) to 68.25 degrees. We are told that is enough to melt the ice caps of the planet and cause global devastation. Now if the world's industrial country's all go to the most efficient solar collectors possible which are at 95% efficiency then some percentage of the earth's surface exposed to the sun for collection purposes will be able to take 65 degree water and make it 120 degrees or more. Thanks to the conservation of energy that energy retained from sunlight does make the earth warmer. It takes a lot less sun exposed earth surface area for solar energy collection purposes unfortunately for the myth of solar energy this energy retention from sunlight is more likely to heat the atmosphere at night than is the carbon dioxide molecules in the atmosphere in any diffuse atmospheric concentrations. Have you ever sat next to a building in the evening after the sun goes down and noticed that the building remains warm radiating heat back into the atmosphere most of the night? Efficient solar panel collectors often are designed as black box greenhouses to maximize their efficiency heating water. These devices tend to have black interior covered with a sheet of glass that give them the added greenhouse retention effect. Greenhouse gases cannot even start to compete. Making more assumptions about possible unintended consequences , we know that in the USA less than 2% of the land are in the United states is developed as urban and suburban areas. In order to substitute solar energy collection for existing fuels that means probably that more that possibly larger areas than 2% of the land area might be needed would be needed as an energy alternative to fossil fuel systems. If 2% of the land mass retained 35.25 to 95 percent more energy to the earth's net heat it should have some effect on the environment. 32.25 percent efficiency would require more area exposed to the sun yet. Those types of solar collectors convert sunlight directly to electric current. Electric current ultimately runs into resistance and yields heat that keeps the earth ever so much warmer. Conservation of energy applies. Energy collected is neither created or destroyed but it does get retained longer which can and is known to alter local weather . Similar problems exist with wind energy. Wind tends to dissipate energy by kinetic means. A wind generator concentrates that wind energy into electric current. Electric current eventually will radiate heat into the atmosphere especially after it reaches your computer. Ever notice that your computer may contain a fan inside? That is to cool off the computer because of the conservation / conversion of energy to heat from your computer . Ever try opening the door of your electric range oven to help warm the room on a cold day after you have just baked something? Solar energy enthusiasts want to cover whole desert basins like the Mohave desert with elaborate solar collection devices. This is a major way to possibly cool down the local desert in the day time in the shadows of the equipment, keep the desert somewhat warmer at night and run millions of ovens and toasters in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Less carbon dioxide may have gotten hot in the atmosphere because less petroleum got burned to generate the electricity but a huge amount of energy is just being moved to other locations that might not have been as hot before. There is a real possibility once one starts playing around with the numbers that solar systems may have much larger global warming unintended consequences than just continuing using coal , oil and natural gas to generate electricity and hot water for hot water tanks. The same calculations can be done that show beaming energy down from orbiting solar collectors in outer space could actually do more to tip the balance of global temperatures than just using fossil fuels. When it comes to solar energy development be careful what you wish for. .

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