Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Someone Who Really Cares About You. Yeah Right!

Nurturing Caring Man with No Convictions: Senator Ron Wyden a Living Caricature Stereotype Politician A Study of the Unfortunate Phenomenon of the Professional American Politician Lex Loeb Contributor Network . Say anything for a vote Ron Wyden Made it all the way to the US Senate! Now the senior senator from Oregon. I once saw Ron in real life a tall guy with the lisp of a Roman Emperor who also could not speak Latin. He was in a supermarket and grabbed a copy of the local newspaper and told the checker that he would pay them later for it. I never saw the guy in the store before or after and rather doubt that he ever did pay for that newspaper. For a representative in congress at the time one might think he had a little cash in his pocket to pay for a newspaper? The question was what the congressman was doing in the supermarket at all with no money in his pocket? Shop lifting? One occasionally forgets one's wallet when entering a supermarket when not having to drive to the location but this incident seemed strange to me and sticks in my memory. Wyden is not self made as a politician but very well supported and enjoys very special coddling by the local news media. The guy seems to be a completely blank slate with no convictions which he has completely gone out of his way to prove in the latest election. You ordinarily listen to him or read transcripts of what he says at his famous town hall meetings and he is angry when it comes to the dregs of society that he positions himself a the defender of the common man. It is instructive to learn from Senator Ron Wyden just to understand that he really is just a role player in real life. Most of the time Wyden plays the role of the savior and sub messianic figure. He postures himself and structures his positions on the issues to preserve and protect and save everything from any conceivable abused or outright destruction. Everything that is virgin from Forests to Foster Children is Wyden's passion. The Only thing you never see Wyden do is dress in bright white and wear a white hat instead he wears dull gray the color that Oregonians can relate to because it it neutral and abusive to the eye. The Show goes on and it just becomes pathological real life theater. You find some of the Senator's closest political friends and allies are not just having sex with children but having long term "affairs" with them and you never hear any words of condemnation as if Wyden himself is a master facilitator. In Oregon citizens have to worry about the inevitable full front page whole newspaper obituary of a governor and Mayor of Portland who ruthlessly abused children and is still put on a podium as the state's founder of Child saving services. There were some people with horrible problems in the state of Oregon with out of control state agencies that tried to contact then repressive Wyden, The Gaston Case, where they called their congressman to complain about the federal government financing the abuse and his office just hung up on them. Everything is necessarily wonderful in the land of Roses so long as the money keeps coming in! Wyden was the perfect facilitator. I called Wyden's to complain about environmentalist corruption where there were abusing a law to put money in their pockets in the Oregon and Washington and I got hung up on. That never ever happened when I called the republican senators and representatives! That was a learning experience. I don't call up the congressmen to be a pest but because I see a problem and I am treated like I am less than a full citizen every time I contact one of his offices. I have knocked on doors of elected officials and emailed and got real responses pro and con but not the phone hang up treatment before. I get this ad on my face book page that Wyden voted against the 700 billion dollar bail out of Wall Street. And so what? He voted for the stimulus plan and fails to mention that. The emergency funding for Wall Street has all been paid back but the stimulus money seems completely lost and wasted. As a democrat Wyden voted for Nancy Pelosi. Wyden's ad content seems to want to make him suddenly seem like he is a wise frugal with the tax payer money democrat but it is just an act. His ads on TV go on about his staged helpfulness to senior citizens whom the state or Oregon consistently taxes out of their homes and he voted for the horrible democratic party heath care plan that actually calls for euthanasia for Grandma with a government health care rationing committee. That little fact was not helping Ron Wyden's campaign. The Obama health care plan is anything but loved by Oregonians who know they can't afford it or they don't want to be unplugged from Life support by any of the Senator's good friends. So at the beginning of September when Wyden saw the polls moving against him, he sends a letter to the president saying he never meant to vote for obama care and that he wants the State of Oregon to get a very special waiver. That hits the local press and in a corrupt stupor they can't even start to cry foul instead seeing it as a heroic act. Most people reading that said, "this guy has no real convictions . He is working the polls to get reelected." The sad thing is that Wyden might have been the one solitary vote in the Senate that could have stopped Obama care in the first place had he been an horrible real person and not just a theater act. One can instantly go on line and see who funds Wyden. Just go to: and snoop around. Wyden has long used his position as a sort of money extortion means of getting funding. He was famous for getting money from health care companies, including more recently Oregon Blue Cross Blue Shield, to temper his "Liberal voting expectations". Your senator or representative should not be taking money from the people he publicly goes around calling the bad guys should he? It is true that Wyden was initially against the granny killing obama care bill but then he did just happen to cast what may have been the deciding vote in favor of it. Now just in time for the election where his credibility is running law he wants the State of Oregon to get a special extra-legal waiver! Maybe he already got that deal from the president and Pelosi just to vote for it? The Hell with that! If the 13 original united states acted that way there never would have been a United States. Wyden is so obviously a living caricature of a protection racket politician that the local TV Stations and Newspaper completely lose respect feasting on his campaign season revenue stream for endorsements. One Wyden ad shows he is different because he is paying attention to the Local Paper , the Oregonian for the endorsement, and not the Washington Post like the rest of the politicos pictured in the ad. When I ran for office one of the newspapers called and asked me point blank what i was going to do for their newspaper. I had no political experience at that point because If I had I would have told them I would get them loads of Free Stimulus funding in order to be quickly elected. Find out about how to get hung up on when you call Ron Wyden's office. Just call and mention this article and ask them if Ron is a Psychopath or just a Man with no convictions. Warning if they read this they definitely won't hang up on you and they will put you straight though to the Senator himself. If they hang up on you call back on a different phone number because they do watch caller ID now or just call the Washington DC Office instead of the Portland office and tell them you are a new student reporter from the Big O that gets you to a higher level in the organization then you ask the questions that get you hung up on again and feel their pain. One wonders how many Oregonians who suffered from the Alternative Minimum Tax over the years tried to get anywhere complaining when calling Ron Wyden's offices? It might have depended on how much they contributed to his campaign or how many free newspapers you let him have at your supermarket? Oregonians still have a lot to worry about even if Wyden finally goes down and gets his revolving door pay back job after he is out of office because Oregonians may elect this Chris Dudley as Governor and although he seems to be principled and a man of conviction and honorable he could be just another stage actor political caricature politician like Wyden. When I am going to run for political office I just want to state my intentions and never play the polls. Let someone else have the office if the polls are right the hell if I want to do anything that is against my convictions. I would not slime around like an Oregon slug leaving a trail of false convictions just because that would be the same thing as letting someone else own the office. Now that Wyden is inching toward becoming the Tea Party candidate of Oregon we can be sure that the local media will support the charade because he is the quintessential pocket politician for all their progressive whims and liberal feel the pain programs. Chances are that the Senator with reformulate his election test panels to see what exactly will work to get confused tea party sympathizers and uncommitted voters to vote for him. I accidental got on one of the test panels in the last election and I should hung up the phone because I spilled the beans. This time, this election the voters have seen the party in politics do the bean spilling and the only way Wyden can save his seat is to partition himself off from the rest of the party he belongs to. We could even see him flip and become a republican? The money Wyden gets from holding the office is not given back to the tax payers so he must need it. You would think others wise now that he is morphing into a tea party candidate. Certainly Wyden can't bear to loose his Senatorial Health care benefits because then he would probably have to go on Obama care which he conspicuously voted for. As the election progresses we will learn more an more about all that Wyden has protected and saved and he should become more and more conservative. Have you noticed that the Geico Chameleon never changes colors in those commercials? That is because no one would trust an insurance company that changed colors all the time. The Geico lizard stays green like the color of money all the time. The proper Reelect Ron Wyden Commercial should show a chameleon climbing the wall and changing colors with the pattern on the underling wall paper so you never really saw a lizard going up the wall. For all the people who want to believe in messianic characters populating our houses of government maybe Wyden is the perfect candidate. For those who want to believe that people like Wyden have the power to protect, preserve and save everything as us too that too makes him the prefect candidate but for those who just think that the nurturing and caring is phony-it is pathological in the case of Wyden. . Close

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