Sunday, July 6, 2014

Soon You May Have To Register To Vote On Facebook. In the Future You May Be Voting on Facebook Instead of Going to the Polls

In the Future You May Be Voting on Facebook Instead of Going to the Polls Lex Loeb Contributor Network . Facebook is reorganizing the world wide web in unexpected ways. Corporations and their brand name products have found they can manage an ongoing flow of advertising information to generate interest as they satiate their existing fans. The goal may be some sort of advertising geometric progression though the entire facebook cyber universe. The little blue logo of face book is appearing on print ads and in television ads as an announcement that says "see us on facebook." Politicians, government officials, Rock bands have discovered how to generate increased popularity with facebook and to link sites. Looking at sites on facebook like Lady Gaga one can quickly see that facebook may play a role in her incredible rise to popularity. Apparently the Gaga people really know how to use the web setting an example of how to really capitalize on it. Sites outside of Facebook like the one for the music group N.E.R.D. set up a web experience that part interactive advertisement -pure PR and a potential sales machine. The facebook link might help in their quest for a popularity geometric popularity progression. Politicians are attempting the exact same thing with websites outside of facebook linked up to it. The natural consequence of this has been for political candidates to be advertising their campaigns on facebook with links to their facebook pages and beyond. This is certainly making good money for the facebook corporation because this is paid advertising. The natural consequence of this moth drawn to a flame behavior of humans to facebook maybe that some day we may be voting on facebook instead of going to the polls or mailing in a ballot How will it work ? Well you wont be able to vote by clicking the word "like" on someone else's page. It means the build out of a completely separate new facebook subscriber universe where the government would send all registered voters in a state a coded facebook page with a secret password and there you would find the ballot for voting. No advertising would be allowed and links to all the information to all the candidates and issues on the ballot would have face book links. You could take your time voting and get it right without making any mistakes and send off your final ballot choices with a click when you felt you are ready. Theoretically your cast ballot would be assigned a separate random number when you click to add your votes to the election tallies so your ballot would remain secret. It might even be possible to go in and change your mind later if you saw that there was a tie in a race to prevent those end of the election ties that cause political gridlock. Even the electoral votes could be cast on facebook. Facebook might sell the system as Votebook. The system could add a more interactive community to political debate on line so as to educate voters. Anyone who is unable to use a computer could vote by other means. There could be a web cam requirement to vote on line which would take an eye scan for identification to be more certain people don't vote more than once. As older people start to get on facebook it is only a matter of time that the elderly will be as proficient at voting there as younger ones who used to dominate the site. The best thing about a facebook election is that it would be easier to find a list of write in candidates. On a computer you can see the pictures of the candidates and decide which ones are too ugly for you vote. Facebook can combine all of the best elements of a high school popularity contest with an open discussion group and encyclopedia of information on each candidate. The candidates can be seen in full color like those Realtor head shots in homes for sale advertisements. You could also click on youtube videos of debates snippets or view entire debates to be sure you might not be making a mistake on who you are voting for. For the One world government people like obama they can instantly translate the ballots into 120 different languages or more. For foreigners around the world with out the right to citizenship they have an on line casino site where they could put money down on who they were voting for For president. Talk about an American horse race.... Voting on line maybe inevitable in the future. For one reason it may actually be cheaper to run elections that way. Mail in ballot elections cost a lot in printing paper ballots and envelopes and then on postage. The INTERNET has few of those expenses . It might not even be necessary to send out eye scanners to everyone with a usb port who will be voting because almost the same results can be accomplished with an existing encrypted password creation process that asks for private information only the voter would know. First Votebook would send voters their starter password and ID number and then there would be a registration process. States would be responsible for setting this up unless the Obama administration or some other usurps the state's rights to hold elections by the feds which is always possible. The United States Treasury already securely sells savings bonds and treasury securities to citizens using a secure multi level code entry system. If it is safe enough for citizens to send thousands of dollars to the government then it is safe enough to vote on line. All IRS forms are now supposed to be filed on line already. Voting on line will be coming soon. It is entirely possible that elections will be held on facebook because for what ever reason facebook seems to have some sort of edge in organizing web communication. Considering the popularity of facebook maybe more voters would cast their ballots and pay attention to what is going on in politics? The best thing about Facebook is that cartoon characters like mickey mouse could actually win elections and maybe even take control of the offices they are running for. Facebook could teach children to vote with cartoon character elections. In any case, Mickey Mouse could make a better president than what we tend to elect. You can judge Mickey Mouse by his character. .

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