Sunday, July 6, 2014

Switch to Ebay Free Local Classified Advertising and Dump Craigslist for Less Hassle and Better Results

Switch to Ebay Free Local Classified Advertising and Dump Craigslist for Less Hassle and Better Results Sick of Having Your Ads on Craigslist Flagged and Removed for No Reason? Want a More Serious Audience Interested in Commerce? Ebay Has Really Improved Their Free Classified Ad Site Lex Contributor Network . Ebay's Free Local Classified Advertising has much improved since Kijiji came out. The site is really more interactive now than Craigslist. Ebay has a more serioius audience interested in commerce and that audience really seems to be growing on their classified ad site. Just go to and search and then post an ad there to see the difference. The site is easy to use and effective. I sense their audience has been exploding size because it has suddenly become a lot more effective than Craigslist from my own recent personal experience. Ebay free local classifieds does not have the flag and remove robo trolls who find just about anything you post offensive. I once posted an ad to sell pencils and someone flagged and removed it! I even had it in the right category. It could have been my competitors flagging and removing my ad ? That is one theory. Sometimes you wonder why your ad is flagged and removed on craigslist and you find out that someone wanting to buy what ever you are selling wants the freedom to be the only one to bid on the items you are selling! One has to wonder what causes so much flagging and removing. Craigslist has too much community activism based on undefined and undefinable terms going on. Anyone who decides they are a community leader can just start flagging and removing anything for any reason. One of the worst parts of Craigslist is it's philosophy that pets can not be "sold" and that is one area that is really building up the Ebay Free Local Classified Advertising site's popularity. The nonsense of "rehoming" pets with "rehoming fees being ok as opposed to sales prices is absurd! One can place a rehoming fee of $100 or less and it gets flagged and removed on Craiglist as often as pets with rehoming fees of $100 or more! If you want to rehome something on Craigslist without having it flagged and removed try rehoming your mother in law. That becomes the best of Craigslist. The flagging and removing self appointed gate keeper trolls on craigslist are like a censorship authority from hell and they only make craigslist a hassle to use. Most people can decide for themselves what they can look at or not on the web and we don't need gate keepers looking out for us. If you accidentally post in the wrong category on craigslist you just get flagged and removed when the trolls could just send you an email giving you time to go back to edit and change the ad board category with a click of your mouse. If the pornography on craigslist bothers you don't worry it won't be flagged buy your ad for free top soil , pencils, puppies, a free cat will be flagged and removed for no reason. When it comes to code 420 for marijuana the craigslist community rarely flags and removes that but your advertisement to sell a certain kind of lawn mower might be flagged and removed thee minutes after posting. Even stranger is how Craigslist has evolved such that "Strictly Platonic is a sex and dating advertising category. Try putting up an ad there that defines what the word platonic means--every attempt to do that is instantly flagged and removed. Craigslist has made itself a defective site with the too easy to flag and removed trigger. Ebay free local classifieds just trumps the Craigslist site because it is much more down to business because it is eBay which is a commerce web utility business. Craigslist will remain a great place for posting pornogrpahy and anything else you don't care that might get flagged and removed for no reason but even that may becoming a waste of time because there is so much spam on craigslist people won't even bother. The index by pictures and better categories on ebay are a vast improvement in letting you navigate around the spam . Look at the site at: . Switch to Ebay free classified ads and see the difference. At least try one or more advertisements to see the difference. The registration process for ebay advertising is embedded in the ad registration context so it is really easy to set up an account and post multiple ads in multiple locations. You can also try the personals advertising on ebay. Ebay as it happens is part owner of Craigslist. Craigslist desperately needs a little upgrading. It makes no sense that they don't help pay for the service by putting a small advertisement on the entry page. Fees from that could easily make some of the craigslist ads they now charge for free again. The Yahoo email site now has a paid advertisement as the background for logging in to the site. That is an excellent place to put up an advertisement so the viewer can take it or leave it and just get beyond it without having to turn off some video that takes over your computer screen. Points to consider in switching to Ebay from Craigslist free classified advertising in a nutshell" 1. Ebay is more commercially oriented . 2. Ebay is free and local 3. Ebay does not have the community flagging and removal. 4, Ebay has a giant audience. 5. Ebay get listed on top of available free advertising sites by the largest search engines. 6. Ebay has no problem with selling pets although you can't sell escort services on Ebay. 7. Ebay looks like it will be around and growing to be maybe the top free classified ad engine online. 8. Ebay can put your photos ahead of your description on ad search. 9. Ebay allows more photos to be posted. 10 Ebay does help you get results both buying and selling. .

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