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Take The Advanced Communism Quiz And Find Out What You Really Know or Don't Know About It.

Advanced Communism Quiz Karl Marx Has Had a Broad Influence on Everyday Political and Economic Life. Can You Identify Which Ideas Originally Came from Communist Ideology? Take the Quiz Lex Loeb Contributor Network . The Advanced Communism Quiz: There is no doubt that the influence of Karl Marx permeates our political and economic lives. Karl Marx is perhaps the most influential figure in all of modern politics, You never have had to actually read anything Karl wrote to have a feeling of affinity for some of his political and economic ideas. Marxism crosses all party lines to some degree. Some of the ideas of Karl Marx come from other independent sources but Marx put all of his ideas together as a sort of moral structure in society that has broad influence even when it causes more problems than solves. Our political process is steeped in Marxist thought even among people who believe they are anti-communist. One clue to how Marxism impacts political life is it make economic life the basis of most political issues around the world. Marxist ideas are often the seen as the ethics of politics around the world which should seem rather strange considering the considerable damage done by communist governments that meticulously and scholarly taught Marxism to their people but had other ethics what so ever. Academic politics in the United States tends to use Marxist ideas as metrics to measure everything that happens in society as opposed to using religious ideas of political and economic ethics. Capitalism the evil enemy of Communism is routinely seen as having no ethics except for an ethics of greed and yet the good works of capitalism have done more to wealth to the masses than any communist government has. Yes the whole idea of there being Masses is directly from Karl Marx and no one else. Decide if each of these items originally come from the influence of the writings of Karl Marx or not. Check Yes or No and then go to the bottom of the last page to see the answers. A. The Idea of Community Service and Giving Back To Society. Yes or No? B. Public Private Partnerships. Yes or No? C. Public Ownership Of The Means of Production . Yes or No? D. Unionization. Yes or No? E. Exploitation of Wage Laborers. Yes or No? F. Public ownership of all resources. Yes or No? G. National Commitment to Service. Yes or No? H. Inheritance Taxes. Yes or No? I. Creation of Government Monopoly Power to Control Strategic Industries? Yes or No? J. Class Warfare. Yes or No? K. The Fairness Doctrine For Public Information Control. Yes or No? L. Free Education For All Children In Public Schools? Yes or No? M. State control of the means of communication and transportation. Yes or No? N. Government control of the currency and banks? Yes or No? O. State Run Agriculture programs. Yes or No? P. Socialism. Yes or No? Q. State Socialism. Yes or No? R. State Land Use Planning. Yes or No? S. A progressive or graduated income tax. Yes or No? T. High Taxes to pay for government investment projects in the economy. Yes or No? U. Organized labor and the Right for workers to go on strike. Yes or No? V. The middle class in a class society. Yes or No? W. Community organizations and community planning. Yes or No? X. Government run economic development programs. Yes or No? Y. Government central planning. Yes or No? Z. Collectivism. Yes or No? ZZ. Children Being In The Ward of The State and Not the Family. Yes or No? ZZZ. Social Concern. Yes or No? _________________________________________________________________________________________ Answers to all of the above are "YES". Marxism is obviously an integral part of our everyday thought process about political economics. Marx is the veritable founder of the idea of political economics. Does this make us all Marxists as Time Magazine or Newsweek proclaimed "we are all socialists now" when Obama was elected president? Not necessarily. Marxists actually believe that this influence of Karl Marx has done what he predicted it would do when he wrote the communist manifesto which is to force society into socialist progress which is where the idea of progressivism originally came from in our American political experience. Capitalist ideas are just as strong in society but they as of yet really have no manifesto and any attempt at calling capitalist principles a manifesto is a way to promote Marxist ideas that Capitalism is somehow at odds with the Utopian progressivism of socialists and communists.. The legacy of Karl Marx is so horrible with over 200 million people dead world wide and counting. That I think that trashing all of Marx's ideas is the ethical thing to do for the future of never seeing a Marxist state take over again. How do we get around the idea of central planning and government development programs when there is so much popularity for such nonsense? We try to let people see they would have been better off without all of that nonsense and that most of the money spent was wasted and produced nothing of lasting value. It is very difficult to do because government central planning casts a very long shadow it consumes most of the capital available for development leaving no alternative views of the otherwise lost opportunities. As long as everything is about society and the community than every other possibility has to be seen as "unfair." Our entire legal system in the USA has become a quiz instrument of promoting Marxist ideals and the jury system might as well be a society of comrades in the way they look to redistribute wealth in society ignoring the prevalence of the lawyers in taking the biggest cut of the redistribution process. The only way to show people that their lost opportunities because of state trying to fill the entire economic void in one country is to see how much better people do in their quest for wealth in countries that have less Marxism. Marxism is extremely expensive everywhere it is tried. In our own country government programs are so costly that government has no workers only employees and it has to go out and source private companies to do any actual work. By the time government pays for all the bureaucrats to manage other bureaucrats anything the government does in its monopoly capacity costs 2, 3 or 4 times more than the private sector can do it. Yes the idea of a private verses public sectors comes directly from the writings of guess who? Karl Marx. Look at the list of terms above and every time you see or hear these terms used put a little red flag up in your mind and think "communism" and then this artificial ethics of community will start to disappear and you will begin to understand that Marxism is a sales pitch used by the best of politicians to sell us something we don't need and we don't really want. Marxists tell us how horrible wall street is on a daily basis. Most people are not aware that it is Marxism doing that talking since wall street is just a place where buyers and sellers meet to buoy and sell their property. Wall street is completely honest about what the point of buying and selling in the market is about. It is about trying to get rich or stay rich. It is about making money. Your typical Marxist quoting community organization politician is giving you a big sales pitch about how much he or she cares about you and your well being. What BS. Everyone knows these people in politics are really there to make money and they run their public service campaigns as a business as power brokers. The Wall Street people are far more honest saying the only reason they do what they do is for money than the caring nurturing socialist politician who is only in it for the money. If you have not noticed in every communist and socialist country the classes of society are much more divided and stratified then you find in capitalist countries with very few people at the top of the government as a community organization controlling most of the wealth of the state. There is only one person living in North Korea who lives in a palace , has at least one summer palace and more personal slaves I mean comrades than any other person on earth. The Who North Korean State is modeled word by word from the writings of Karl Marx. The re-education camps where people are tortured and killed for not being good communists in North Korea are being done to protect society because Marx said in his communist manifesto that everything from rebells should be confiscated. That apparently includes their lives. The same thing was true under Lenin, Stalin and Mao what more proof does anyone need that we don't need to have a so called "mixed economy" full of socialism. (Karl Marx is responsible for the idea of having a mixed economy by the way) Marxism is so deeply part of our culture these days that you goto meetings run by Democratic party politicians and their henchmen and instead of having a meeting of business owners they have a meeting of "stake holders." The terminology lets union thugs in . It lets community organizers in. It confiscated private property just by including all of these stake holders in discussion of someone else's property. Pure Marxism it is! You can be a stake holder in a government program and the government program can be giving you a government benefit or entitlement and that entitlement is now considered to be equal to private property ownership in the USA! There is probably no founding father that would agree with that beyond their inclusion of the Bill of Rights in the Constitution. Little do most people know. Karl Marx did not invent the idea of revolution he stole it from the Americans. There had never been a revolution before America. Had the word Revolution been int he quiz above it would have been the only "No" answer. Once you realize you are living in a country where the Marxists controlling the country are getting richer than you have to start to wonder what Marxism really is. Some of our most Marxist politicians are getting richest faster than the people who they despise on Wall Street are and the local Daily Hypocrite Newspaper just adores Karl Marx no matter what because as it happens he was the European Correspondent For A Big New York Newspaper. Marxism is a religion of class warfare that always ends up benefiting a certain class of people which I guess makes it valuable to society. .

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