Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Talking Trash About the City of Portland Negative Tid Bits About the World's Most Perfect City Lex Loeb, Yahoo Contributor Network . Here are some things you might not know about the city and it's pride; Portland stole its slogan "The City That Works" from Chicago. I was in Chicago when the city adopted that slogan and later in Portland when the city thought it was original. Virtually no one in Chicago believes in the slogan. It seems to work better in Portland but that is because everything here is extraordinarily perfect. Portland happens to be one of the most sprawling metropolitan areas on the face of the earth. I once saw figures that rated Portland as third largest metropolitan area (including Vancouver , Washington ) after San Diego County and the Los Angeles Basin. Mt Hood is rated by the USGS as one of the most dangerous volcanos on earth. This is because of its proximity population centers. Portland is not in one of the high danger zones unless the volcano were to errupt with the force that destroyed mt Mazama to create crator lake.. The Indians that were Oregon before the european settlers came were not very fond of the Portland Area. Their name for Portland was something like "place of sorrows." With implications that the place was diseased or that earlier Indian settlements in the area were wiped out maybe by massive landslides or disease. If we took the old indian name for portland we might now call it something like Patheticland. The glory days of Beaverton were those when Beavers outnumbered people and nutria. Some of us imagine a pond city of big hairy anthropromophic rodents running the place. For a state that got rid of all Squaw references on topological maps it probably is time to rename some of the cities starting with Portland. A top choice for Portland might be Multnomah. What is wrong with Portland? Well it happens to be one of about 7 Portlands world wide. There is Portland Maine, Portland , New Zealand, England and if that is not enough Portlands there are a number of Portland Streets including one in London. One can fly from Portland to Portland to Portland if one likes, It would be nice to live in a place with a unique name like Multnomah. That is not saying the county by the same name should merge with Portland city government. what? .

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