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Thai Fish Sauce--Versatile Ingredient for Western Style Cooking

Thai Fish Sauce--Versatile Ingredient for Western Style Cooking Thai Fish Sauce Bears More Than a Casual Resemblance to the Ancient Roman Fermented Anchovy Fish Sauce Lex Loeb Contributor Network . Fish Sauce from Thailand is a versatile basic ingredient that can be used to add distinctive flavor to many western dishes. The stuff tastes nasty if you want to eat it alone. It is usually an amber colored clear liquid and can take some getting used to. The trick is not to use very much of it in a recipe until you have developed a taste for it. The first place to try it out is in salad dressing. substitute anchovy paste with Thai fish sauce and you might find it a pleasing substitute. Fish sauce is not new to western cooking. Archaeologists have uncovered proof that the ancient Romans excessively used a fermented fish sauce made of anchovy and that it was a important trade item. Adding a dash of Thai fish sauce to spaghetti sauces or to a pizza sauce works fine. It is actually not as strong as using anchovy directly giving more of a hint than the salty surprise usually encountered with using anchovy fillets directly and it does not contain the olive oil that often changes the taste of the Mediterranean anchovy. Add a bit to soups, casseroles and anywhere you want a bit of fish taste or use it instead of Worcestershire sauce because it is less complicated in taste. It does contain lots of salt which helps preserve it so is not suitable for those on low sodium diets. Thai fish sauce is inexpensive to buy and comes in a number of different brands. There may also be Vietnamese brands available too. Adding fish sauce to your condiment and kitchen spice collection may help improve your home cooking. European anchovy paste will work in a similar way with European recipes.


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