Thursday, July 10, 2014

Thai Proverbs Foreign Cliches

Thai Proverbs Writers Can Use as Alternative to the Same Old English Clichés Thai Language Offers American and English Writers Something New and Refreshing for Literary Adaptation Lex Loeb Contributor Network . He makes sculptures out of water. (he tells lies skillfully) Water floods her mouth . (She knows the truth but is not telling it) Watering a stump. (getting nowhere) Know it like a duck. ( being a jack of all trades) Paint stripes on a cat. ( selling fake rolex watches) Fresh rice and tasty fish. (newly weds) Pick a flower in the sky. (seeking pie in the sky) A mouse falls into a bowl of rice. (poor man who marries a rich girl) Set a chicken free. ( show how stupid you are) A broken gong. ( a loud mouth) Can't swallow it, Can't spit it out. (damned if you do damned if you don't) A blind man feels an elephant. ( ignorance) Talk till you put a monkey to sleep. ( Chatter mouth) Go back to the old house. (passed away) Old man with snake head. (Dirty old man) A pig in a pot. (someone under your thumb) Holding a piece of shit is better than holding a fart. (looking a gift horse in the mouth) Eat in the house, shit on the roof. (bite the hand that feeds you) These are just a few of the many Thai proverbs that might be can be adapted to English by writers. More can be found online. .

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