Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Thankless Misgivings Day

Thankless Misgivings Day Sometimes People Wonder What They Have to Be Thankful For Lex Loeb Contributor Network . There are some days that are best suited for feeling like a turkey. Thankless Misgivings Day is the day that one atones for one's sin of not keeping one's new years resolution promises to one's self. It is also a great day to lament about permanent stock market losses, the home in foreclosure and the inevitable political ascendancy of the lowest common denominators to the highest political offices. You recall your competition eating you alive in business. It is a sad thankless day for all of our present , past and future misgivings. It is a day to think about the impossibility of success and the inevitability of failure. It is nothing to celebrate. Life is too short too short to be optimistic. Some cockroach already bit off your after life while you were sleeping and chewed it. Everything that is already bad is just going to get a lot worse. What is terrible is that after getting even worse things will just become catastrophic. Your pleasure senses are dead already . Nothing is stimulating. It is just another Thankless Misgivings day. Every thing is a mess not a holiday

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