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The Alien "Shroud of Turin" in the UFO Museum Collections, Portland , Oregon

The Alien "Shroud of Turin" in the UFO Museum Collections, Portland , Oregon This Odd Signed Piece Seems to Be a Piece of Hippie Tye Dyed Work on Silk? in Shear Number of Aliens Images on it It, it Beats the Tortilla with Elvis's Image on it at the 24 Hour Church of Elvis Lex Loeb Contributor Network . Just after I put the piece online. I go to a Chinese restaurant with my parents and I get a fortune cookie that says that I will soon meet an alien. I will post that fortune here attached to this article. Maybe you received the same fortune as it did come from a fortune cookie factory? The alien shroud of Turin is one of the prized items in the museum . I seemed to have only remembered that after the remorse of having seen the cat damage and putting it online and seeing how good the scanner pictures of details of it came out. They are not as clear as they should be but I can work on that later. Just now having put it on ebay , a day ago , I am having sellers remorse before even getting any bids on it and need to find a way to ethically take the offering off of ebay even after having wasted good money posting it there. I am still not sure how to go about removing the listing. I went to and asked people what to do and the best answer i got was to bid against my own item. That hardly seems ethical and maybe is also not legal. So now I am thinking if I put enough photographs online and copyright them the museum will still own it in a sense and will be able to share some of the detail of the item with the public even as the museum is in mothballs now. After receiving the fortune cookie I also decided to beat the alien to my visitation and to start a fund to raise at least 400 billion dollars for my personal space program. I definitely need to get my plans underway to get to Mars as soon as possible and even if I do happen to sell the alien "shroud of Turin" I should then be able to buy it back and take it with me to Mars in case it is necessary to have it there as a good will token? I should definitely make a request of the United States Treasury that they cut me in to the Tarp money or the stimulus spending cash to fund my 400 billion dollar personal space program. I think you definitely agree? So you should be calling your government officials and telling them to fund my personal space program with out delay. Otherwise i will have to continue trying to fund this important program by publishing it to sites like these to raise the money. I am afraid raising 400 billion dollars by this method will take 4 trillion or more years to do? By then I would be well beyond a few distant galaxies not even traveling at the speed of light! We are talking millions of miles per second here. The importance of the Alien "Shroud of Turin" is that it shows the larvae stages of Alien development or so goes the theory. It may show more than that . Even though I am a ufologist this is not an object that I know a lot about. For all I know it may be a fake? But by the looks of it --it does not seem that who ever made it and signed it (a C. Imper" signature appears on it) knew they were making alien images as the pieces seems to be a completely random derivation of an image? Accidents like this cannot be fakes. At least they usually are not fakes. The Elvis tortilla probably was a fake at the 24 hour church of Elvis etched by some one with a wood burner tool? This piece is nothing like that. Anyone who has seen anything like it before is advised to get into contact with me or show me similar ones. Or if yours was not cat -attacked I might like to trade or buy yours for the museum or you can just donate it to UFO Museum which would be nice of you. There is still a possibility I will receive 400 billion dollars in stimulus cash from Nancy Pelosi and President Obama for my personal space program but I do not have my fingers crossed at least not until I get another sign from a Chinese fortune cookie. .


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