Friday, July 11, 2014

The Answers to the World's Most Unanswered Questions--maybe not?

The Answers to the World's Most Unanswered Questions Lex Loeb Contributor Network . One of the top questions in history has long been "Am I the messiah?". Thanks to the invention of the mirror there is now an answer. To find out if you are the messiah look in the mirror. If you see God in the mirror then you know. How do you know you are not delusional? If you look in the mirror and see and hear God talking when your lips are not moving you are not delusional but only if you are the messiah. Can We Get President Obama and Al Gore to take this mirror messiah test? The Answer is probably that they both passed the test. Can there be two or more messiahs at once? Answer there could be but that would be polytheism . Men , particularly men whose wives use their credit cards, have always wanted to know why women want and need exorbitantly expensive designer hand bags and purses. Why? Archaeologists and paleontologists have discovered the reason why. Women at the dawn of the stone age had purses. The more elaborate their purses the higher their rank and standing was in the tribe. Back in the stone age women needed very large purses big enough to hold a lot of rocks and fat enough to contain all the stuff they gathered. A proper stone age purse could weigh up to 200 lbs or more and take 4 to 6 lower rank tribal women to carry around for their matriarch. The higher civilization became the smaller and more expensive the purses became because the modern woman now spends so much on a designer hand bag that she can't afford to put anything in the purse except for a few over the limit credit cards for emergency gathering purposes. Why do people believe imported goods cause harm to the economy when not importing sufficient goods is proven to be more harmful? Everyone loves the idea of a self sufficient economy until they live in one. North Korea is probably the best example of a self sufficient economy as one that imports very little. The myth that self sufficiency leads to full employment is also debunked with a comparison of North Korea's economy to more open economies around the world. The best historical example we have of an economy that thrived on imports was Emperor Constantine's decision to move the seat of Roman imperial power to Constantinople. The only real reason to do that was to control the far east importation trade into Europe and the Mediterranean region. The Byzantine Empire flourished while Rome became more self sufficient. The ancient Asian trade routes did not import much of anything from Europe save gold, silver and salt. The Chinese were so much more advanced than Europe then they had no need for any European manufacture products what so ever. The Europeans continued importing Chinese goods form the silk route that terminated around Constantinople going into the next millennium. The Venetians grew their wealth as importation brokers and later the Spanish, Dutch, English and French all expanded their economies with world wide importation with the advancement of global shipping. The British Empire's power like Constantinople 1000 plus years before made wealth out of importation than exporting British manufactured goods. The Turkish conquest of Constantinople shifted the importation wealth benefit to new owners. Exportation of good can really be seen as economic weakness if you can actually buy better made higher quality goods for less money by importing them than making them yourself. If it costs less to import foreign oil and natural gas than producing your own at considerable more expense it simply makes more sense to import. The unanswered question answered still seems unappealing to many. Why do things far away seem smaller than those that are closer? You might have thought this unanswered question was answered long ago but your mind never really understood. If what you see is light reflected off the surface of an object you might be so far away as not to see enough light coming off of the object to see much of any of it's details. The answer is that your eye gets smaller at a distance and there is a lot of light--not just a little that makes everything visible. You always thought that when you got further away things got smaller because of the distance. What really happens is your eyes get smaller at a distance measuring against the size of the object in view. That tiny mountain in the distance is only small because your eye is tiny. Why are our political leaders generally as stupid as they are? This unanswered question goes back millions of years. People have always supported or voted for leaders, when they actually have the option, that seem better than they turn out to be. The reason is that selection of leaders is sensual having to do with the senses and general intelligence is not something easily understood by the base senses of the population. A politician sounds good we vote for him. A politician tastes good because he gives us free beer and candy for votes. A politician smells good because we rarely get close enough to find out. A politician feels good because we see him a distance being remarkably warm to the touch of people around him. A politician looks good because usually he is taller than the people standing around him and has a certain look that is shared by a lot of other politicians with the hair combed a certain way and a suit and tie worn a certain way for the look of authority. The public wrongly believes that tall people are smarter and stronger. Intelligence is not something that voters can sense like what they hear, feel ,taste, see and touch but they do confuse for tall good looking people because they remember that as children their parents were taller than they were and generally were authorities they had to rely on. In the USA voters who believe that their children should pass tests to graduate from school should demand that their politicians pass both a written and oral examination test before being on a ballot. Voters should even demand that their politicians pass drug tests as they themselves have to do at work. People wake up and smell your political candidates. If everything in the universe is infinite than how come anything is actually finite? The answer is that the finite is everything counted plus zero (F=E+0) and the infinite is zero plus everything (I=0+E). That means that F=I , the finite equals the infinite. Is it the cheese that smells bad or your nose making the smell bad? The question has remained answered because cheese that smells bad can taste good. The answer to the question is that this is not a question and therefore does not require an answer. This is exactly the sort of logic that makes the American court room justice system such a joy to have to deal with. .

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