Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Entry Fee is Going Up to $40,000. The Great Vancouver, BC to Tijuana Interstate 5 West Coast Road Race 200 MPH Race maybe faster!

The Great Vancouver, BC to Tijuana Interstate 5 West Coast Road Race Have You Ever Wanted to Drive Interstate 5 as Fast as Your Car Will Allow You to Go? Would You Pay a $5000 Entry Fee to Go to a Good Cause and to the Grand Prize? Lex Loeb, Yahoo Contributor Network . If you could drive your car 200 miles an hour , you could drive 1000 miles in a little more than 5 hours with addition of a few necessary pit stops. The distance is just 1381 miles on interstate five from Canada to Mexico. Anything with wheels can enter the race as a distinctive class. The call is for the interstate highway to be shut down as long as necessary or in segments once the race has passed though. The race would be open to all classes of motorized vehicles and the entry fee would be a relatively high price just to make sure drivers are serious about being in the race. After the motor bikes, cars, trucks and other motorized classes start their segments of the race and cross the starting line the freeway could be open to bicycles after that. The race could go from Vancouver, British Columbia to Tijuana which extends the route from interstate five but it might be more practical with border concerns just to go from the Canadian border the the Tijuana border crossing area. Drivers would not have to have any special skills other than a vehicle able to make the trip and to be of sufficient responsible age and licensed to drive. How fast would you like to make the drive. Would the fastest driver get there in less than ten hours? Only one way to find out. Have the race. Interstate five is not the most scenic highway on earth but it does happen to be one of the longest most popular highways for high speed travel. On much of it the speed limit allows 55 miles per hour to 70 miles per hour. It is a highway that is built for speed. Vehicles would be clocked from the time they leave the finish line so that there is no crash mentality to get ahead. The freeway would be closed all or part of a week end on one or both sides of the median so that it might be possible to allow normal traffic on the other side of the median and in both north and south directions. The race would be visible in most of the high population centers of the west coast except for San Francisco which is further to the west. What charity would be best to give the entry fee money to above and beyond the prize money? Certainly not to bail out the state of California. Politicians in California desperately need to learn their limits. A good charity might be for some sort of medical research. Since the race is about Speed and since I am the organizer of the race I have decided the funds should go toward something that requires speed . I suggest using the money to fund a private space ladder into orbital space to facilitate a mission to Mars etc. Originally I thought the entry fee should be higher--something in the $10,000 range per entry but that would eliminate a lot of drivers who might find sponsors to support their entry in the race. $5000 is probably a good size for entry for motorized vehicles. Bikes should be a mere tenth of that. Some of the money would have to go to the states to prep the roads and provide emergency services in route and that could enlarge the expense required for admission to the race. Interstate 5 is 1381 miles from the Canadian Border Peace Arch to The Tijuana Border Crossing. At the 240 miles per hour my car can drive I can make the trip in less than 6 hours with appropriate fast pit stops. On my bike I can make it in less than 48 hours except for the darn mountains in southern Oregon that would surely slow me down. I dare you to enter this race but first you have to help get it organized with permission from 3 separate states and maybe two foreign countries and provinces. I would be happy to finish the race in less than ten hours by car. Ever wonder why so many people have these ultra fast sports cars that they never get to drive as fast as they can go? Some of those people would love a chance to try it out and might be happy to pay the $5000 one time entry fee. All for the good cause of building the space ladder and getting sufficient speed to visit Mars. How fast would you go? How fast could you go? Not everyone has to go that fast... You might just want to experience driving 120 mph on average the distance to finish the race in less than 12 hours? If the race proves successful a second race could be planned in the future or it could become an annual event. If possible the event can be made international with the two borders being open for the racers which could extend the miles to as much as 1500 depending on the precise end points. We are all on the west coast and it really is the same highway. .

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