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The Fine Art of the Online Hoax

The Fine Art of the Online Hoax From Bonsai Kitten, and Bonsai Puppy to Bonsai-Nigerian Scammer Lex Loeb Contributor Network . Hi my name is Professor Abuti Dindin Chamski . your third cousin from Nigeria. I am writing to you earnestly because a common relative of ours has died and left us an enormous ten billion dollar fortune In The Bank of Nigeria in Geneva Switzerland. You are the primary beneficiary of the funds but the bank contacted me because I am still the closest kin in the Nigerian Smith family. In order to free the funds from probate I will need to pay a $40,000 administration fee and then the attorneys tell me the funds will be released to you minus the ten percent owed to me in the will. If you would please comply and send me that figure I will facilitate your getting your huge inheritance, Once you have over one billion dollars in the bank we together, as cousins can invest in the Nigerian penis enlargement spam business. Wait until you see my garden hose! Doesn't that just make you feel like finding the Bonsai-Nigerian Scammer site online? Once you have a billion dollars from the Bank of Nigeria of Switzerland you definitely can afford a garden hose length penis enlargement or two if you want two. One for the front and one for the back.....I have a surprising number of really close relatives living in Nigeria I never knew about before! I can see it now pictures of Nigerian spammers in three piece pin stripe suits with their feet solidly set in concrete with some wires wrapped around their bodies to adjust the poses! I google it and could not find any such site . Bonsai Spammer would allow all sort of spammers to be bonsai-ed not just the Nigerian scam guys. The send Bush and Cheney to Guantanamo Sites are not hoaxes according to their authors. More than half the people who visit a hoax site like Bonsai kitten have no sense of humor. People with out a sense of humor never develop one. I have been to movies like "Up in smoke" by Cheech and Chong with people with no sense of humor and they came out of the theater disturbed by America's drug culture. That film is an advertisement to children to start taking drugs....did you know that? The true test of finding someone with no sense of humor is comedy movies. They don't understand them at all. Which is why we need more comedy in our society. I can see it now I am a racist because I put bonsai and Nigerian together? At least I have my garden house length penis enlargements and my billion dollar inheritance. I should have responded to more of those spam emails! Think of how long and rich I could be! To see the original super INTERNET hoax go to or goggle bonsai puppy for the copy cat sites. .


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