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The Four Billion Dollar Government Financial Scam You Might Not Have Heard Of

The Four Billion Dollar Government Financial Scam You Might Not Have Heard Of Miguel Angel Torres , a Spanish Government Urban Planning Authority Collects 2.4 Billion Euros in Bribes to Build Personal Empire! Lex Loeb Contributor Network . The Spanish Riviera was red hot for real estate development with nearly a million building permits authorized . Miguel Angel Torres of Mirabella , Spain created an empire as a public land use planning authority of over 2.4 billion euro which was nearly 4 billion US Dollars. You can google his name to get more details and follow the ongoing scandal. Mirabella is the town in Spain where the Kind of Saudi Arabia built his Spanish summer home. Miguel Angel Torres was living way found living way beyond his means on a 150,000 euro annual civil servants salary with net assets of over 2.4 billion euros. He had private a private plane, a helicopter, guard tigers, a big estate home, Fancy art work and everything a public planning authority should have. Why do kids dream about a magic world where Harry Potter lives when they can just go into public service and become a land use planner? Some people always wondered if something like that might not be happening in Oregon and Portland with the very tight development land use planning laws and those famous instances where businesses can be charged more than $40,000 just to move a pizza restaurant across the street on Se Belmont in Portland? Portland also selectively changes the urban growth boundry to allow the good people to develop more tract homes on the fringe. How much does it really cost them? Hit with those sort of fees it is hard to believe that anyone actually getting anything developed in Oregon is not being forced pay bribes to hypocrites running the Oregon system. In Spain the land use planners mastered the scam very definitely. They probably have land use planning conventions in Spain where they get together and compare notes on how to get bigger bribes to allow real estate developers to do what they do? It is not exactly legal even in Spain but apparently it was very effective. The whole reason for land use developers in Spain just as in Oregon is supposed to be to prevent over building and saturation of the land scape with sprawl but urban planners seem to see the huddles put up by stringent laws as a secondary income. One has to wonder why most of what gets approved in Oregon as it does. Having seen commissioners on the Gorge commission buy up property in the hope of reselling them at a profit to save the earth supposedly It is hard to believe that Oregon does not have more than one Miguel Angel Torres running a bribe as you go scam. Always suspected something like this was possible now when it is exposed as a criminal prosecution in Spain for nearly 4 billion dollars, US, it only raises suspicions. Move over Madoff you have real competition. .


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