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The Greatest Protection Rackets in World History

The Greatest Protection Rackets in World History Lex Loeb Contributor Network . American Citizens who thought they were free feel powerless watching government grow to consume the entire net worth of a national economy. Government always justifies growth as necessary for providing essential security, and protections for the masses but the total benefits are worth a fraction of the total cost because government is just one big old fashioned protection racket. The founding fathers of The United States of American fashioned the US Constitution in a manner that was originally meant to limit the powers of government to protect the citizens against the classic old fashioned protection rackets of ancient history. It took years of propaganda in public schools and higher education to teach Americans that they needed security and protection as benefits of giving away most of their economic freedom. Three of the biggest new popular American Protection Rackets Americans are now learning will be their fate to pay for are the Heath care fairness protections, Environmental protection and Financial Security protection rackets. What is a protection racket and how did governments come to be so adept of exploiting this confidence game? A protection racket goes back to the origins of civilization. The basic way it works is something a lot of people have experienced as tourists in Mexico. Tourists drive into Mexico City and go to park their car. When they get out of the car and lock it up, some street kid comes up to them and says, "Hey Gringos, If you give me $10 I will protect your car." If it is not a street kid it is a Mexico City Police Officer saying the exact same thing. "Why does my car need protection?" is the first thing that comes to mind of the Gringo Tourists. It just does when a protection racket is running. The tourists find out quickly that they have a choice of moving their car to a safer parking space or paying to put it in a parking lot or they can pay the $10 protection money or not pay the protection money. It can be a hard choice when it comes to the street kid asking but when the official Mexican police officer in uniform asks there is only one choice to be made--to pay the protection money. Most Americans would deny that anything like this ever happens back home but they are not thinking very hard. A large share of their productive income and other assets go to feed all-American protection rackets on a minute to minute basis. Everything that politicians who want political power promise is always to offer protection , security , benefits, fairness, justice, entitlement but mostly public safety with the blessings of everything being protected as if it is always for your benefit. The sad thing most American never seem to realize is that the cost of all this protection they buy in geometric progressive taxes is a fraction of that cost because someone is always skimming the protection funds. Think it is modern? Hardly. This kind of protection racket goes back to the dawn of time. In Caveman days strongman leaders offered physical protection from neighboring tribal leaders. The benefits of providing protection created an instant stratification of tribal hierarchy seen in primitive tribes that survive today with obvious leadership families and credentials. That eventually evolved into more of a modern day environmental protection racket we see today where in Ancient Mexico from the Olmec to the Maya to the Aztecs a leadership class grew grew to be an essential part of the policy of the civilization based on the need for human sacrifice in order to achieve maximum rain and fertility. A whole ritual mythology was developed and devoutly believed by the populace that if human sacrifices occurred with the appropriate cannibalism of various sacred body parts of the human sacrifice victims by high priests and royals that projection would be afforded to all. The Pharaohs of ancient Egypt managed to convince the common people that their services at excessive cost were required for the benefits of security and protection concluding in an obtainable afterlife. To this day everyone can see that Pharaohs were treated like living gods and managed to consume most of the wealth of their kingdoms in their own personal narcissism and with in the inner most ranks of their closest family members. Knights of the middle ages offered protection from the exploits of Knights who offered protection to their own tribal members . The knights could go and meet at knights conventions where they would acts a good chums but back at home they would have to raid their neighbor's peasant's lots in life so they could afford the opposing knight protector a living running his own protection racket. The Kings of Europe refined that protection racket just as the Caesars of Ancient Rome learned that having personal paid army's from spoils of foreign conquests would give them powers exceeding the need for old fashioned republican Rome protection rackets. That later became bread and circus entitlement security and protection for Roman Citizens. When Government officials or kings point to someone or some class of people who have too much wealth at the expense of the citizens it is not so amazing that the ultimate outcome is the Caesar or King and his buddies are the ones who come out owning the contested wealth and not the citizens. The American Founding Fathers can to realize that had they been living in Great Britain instead of America they would not likely enjoy the wealth and ownership they found themselves with before the American Revolution. It was very clear in the declaration of independence and the Constitution that the powers to run a classic European -English protection racket by their newly formulated government was to limit the good old fashioned protection rackets of the not so good old days. The government was to be divided into separate branches and there were original term limits as defined in the Constitution as the number of years of service per office. In Great Britain the House of Lords still has not term limits for a politician to serve as one comparison. In spite of all the checks and balances to prevent the protection racket the people coming to rule the government inevitably introduced one protection racket after another which is why no mater how badly the government fails to do what it pretends to do at unlimited cost it plows ahead using a propaganda machine or ministry to self justify failure as a form of success. Have you ever noticed how government never admits to failure? Government will even resort to suing citizens who dare suggest it is wasting money or failing. As the failures grow more and more costly a few more citizens begin to realize much of government spending is nothing but a complete waste of money but with the propaganda machine telling the rest of the citizens that everything that happens in spite of government is also their success. As an example government was completely in bed with the excessively over valued housing market before the crash and after the crash they took no responsibility for their role not just as regulator but as proponent of cheap home ownership for all. Government then effectively used the propaganda machine to convince many of the people that it was only the greedy businessmen who created the conditions for the crash when it is clear that government controlled more than 75% of the processes and also claimed to regulate it. The only reason people don't save more money to put more money down to purchase a home is that cash has been taken away as rather excessive taxes so that American have not been saving money but are letting the government officials and politicians tell them that it is saving money for them even going so far at one point in time to tell they American people that their social security funds are in some imaginary lock box. Nothing but a good old fashioned protection racket! The worst of the protection rackets in American history yet to be devised and not yet instituted is the cap and trade carbon tax. It is pure old fashioned protection racket since the so called science of global warming is as much a fantasy as Mayan kings and priests claiming being able to alter the weather to favorable conditions and yielding fertility by macabre human sacrifice and cannibalistic rituals. It is the same old nonsense all over again. Recently Americans became acquainted with Obama Care which turned out to be yet another classic protection racket. First the government found a scapegoat to blame for making too much money on health care--this time it was insurance companies and medical device manufacturers but in a few more months it will be doctors, drug companies too that will join the list of health care offenders to be gutted so government can take that economic net worth instead to offer the protections. When talking about changing the health care cost curve before the Obama care bill was passed it sounded like they wanted to save Americans money on health care costs but now everyone sees in the fine print that their taxes will be going up for the government protects no one is going to want to give up now that they think they have them so says the president. Its a classic protection racket. The government not only gets to hire 16,000 new IRS agents as financial police to control the American people as one senator who voted for this was quoted as saying but it gives these 16,000 people life time civil service employment so they can never be fired. The government obviously got permanently richer offering all this big promised health care fairness and protection and nothing else changes anything about the health care curve knife edge because unbelievably medical devices including eyeglasses will be taxed extra to pay for the protection. Protection Racket! Government grows in leaps and bounds and so does it's cost so where are the savings when you are going to pay all those extra IRS agents and no new doctors? Americans either want to just want to believe in the impossible or they like the idea of the protection racket because it is that obvious in this case. When it comes to the financial industry re-regulation one can see how many Americans are going to be confused about it too being a protection racket because most Americans obviously do not understand finance and banking at all. The environmental protection racket is also too confusing for most Americans because they have a warm and fuzzy education on the subject of environmentalism and real knowledge because they are too busy watching television to be able to figure out that they are being tricked the same way peoples of ancient civilizations were to believe that good omens, good weather and better fertility came from sacrificing animals and humans on special occasions. When you see government's net percentage of gross national product and net worth over the life of one or more generations of citizens skyrocket the way it is under President Obama from about 55% to something that ultimately might exceed 70% after congress re-legislates all their existing protection rackets it should be more obvious to a larger percentage of the population, But then we still see Stalinists go marching thought the streets of Moscow on an annual basis demanding that their government return Russia to Stalin's lost but beloved brutal protection rackets. Blame it on television as the average American's source of education? Yes. Look who it is who supports this protection racket and Obama--Oprah, CBS, NBC, ABC, James Cameron and Sean Penn. It is all for your own good that you let the government protect you as much as possible. Yeah Right! Where ever a government is running a big protection racket it is the government and it's bureaucrats who are going to get richest fastest. Protection rackets work great for those corrupt cops in Mexico city as they do for the protect your car kids too. One is just too idealistic to think we can't stop it from happening in our democratic republic with elected officials? . Close

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