Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Internet Alphabet Finding a Whole New Alphabet Based on Popular Search Priority on Internet Search Engines Lex Contributor Network . What do the letters of the Alphabet stand for on the Internet? Find out by typing in each letter of the alphabet and seeing the search results on Yahoo search or Google. Here is what I found. Your results could differ . I relied mostly on Google Search suggestions but in some cases there were two or more nearly equal terms that could have been substituted. Here is a new Alphabetical order of terms as I found them as a handy way to remember what each letter really represents: A is for Amazon. B is for Best Buy. C is for Craigslist. D is for Dictionary. E is for Ebay. F is for Facebook. G is for Google. H is for Hotmail. I is for Ikea. J is for J.C, Penney. K is for Kellogg company. L is for Lowes. M is for Mapquest. N is for Netflix. O is for Oprah. P is for Pandora. Q is for Quotes. R is for Redbox. S is for SW Airlines. T is for Twitter. U is for United Airlines. V is for Verizon Wireless. W is for Walmart. X is for Xbox. Y is for Youtube and Yahoo and Z is for Zillow. These are not all of the one letter wonders of the Internet. There are also the numerals: 1 is for Google 1. 2 is for 24 hour fitness. 3 is for 360 area code. 4 is for 411. 5 is for 50 shades of gray. 6 is for 60 minutes. 7 is for 750 the game. 8 is for 8 tracks. 9 is for 9gog. 10 is for 100 floors. There is competition for alternative terms left off the list are C for Costco and K for Kellogg does not seem to be as much of a google selection as other terms are. K might really still be up for grabs? Do your own search by Alphabet letters and see if you can improve on my work . Please let me know I will modify and make corrections or just leave the suggestions as comments in case i cannot re-edit this piece. .

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