Monday, July 7, 2014

The NEW New Deal

The New New Deal for America How the Tea Party Can Really Make America Win and Americans Winners Lex Loeb Contributor Network . Times change and everything stays the same or at least comes full circle. America is not supposed to have economic crisis anymore. We had a new deal. The history is that the new deal sort of worked but not very well in the beginning. The new deal now looks like the same old deal exaggerated by the growth of government to a mind boggling size with a hunger that consumes more than a quarter of everything produced in the United States of America . For all it's hunger for exploiting the American people for every dime it can shake off of them the old new deal bloat only has an economic efficiency of somewhere between 60 and 70 percent. That means that for every dollar collected money available to run the various "services" provided by government have only 60 to 70 percent of their total expenses left. Some calculations show that government efficiency is less than 40 percent of the total cost of government born by the tax payers. There are a number of government programs and services that have absolutely no retained economic value what so ever. Abandoning Afghanistan after the longest war in American History at the furthest distance from the American Continent ever would seem to be an example of a lot of money for nothing. We are not talking about a few billion dollars but we are talking about trillions lost, blown and squandered. Afghanistan might eventually prove to be a great financial catastrophe but it is hardly the first or last one. Vietnam comes to mind, Public Housing was a multi-trillion dollar waste of money in today's money. The war on drugs has been a drain of money over a great number of years where a million people may be in prisons and many more prosecuted but the prohibited drugs are just as available on the streets as before if not more so. Trillions were wasted in today's money on the war on poverty. Poor people have not gone away but government sure has grown bigger saying it is Turing. Education in America costs more than ever, in the trillions nationwide but student achievement/ test scores does not even come close to when education cost a tenth of what it does now. It is not just the tea party people who sense that all of this hits them with high expenses in their pocketbooks. Welfare recipients wonder how they end up with 40-60 percent of the funds intended to help the needy with the rest of the funds going to pay the mortgages of rich entrenched bureaucrats. The tea party people correctly identify the biggest problem of all is the government growing a breakneck speed, wasting money as fast as they can to apply for more in each new session of congress and putting the bill on the national credit card. It is preposterous that we have a government that grows and grows to over regulate all aspects of every day life as to threaten the publics ability to reach a subsistence level of economic activity. The government people over use the word "sustainability" to describe the virtues of everything they say they are doing, produce little or nothing of any real value consuming more and more of the national wealth on credit. The collateral the tea party knows is their future wages and nothing else since government just pretend business development always costs more than any profits that their investments yield. Subsidized electric power from hydro electric dams are a rare example of where government could be generating cash flow but there is never any evidence that taxes go down once investments like dams are on line and productive. What then is the New New Deal that the country needs to thrive in the future? A lot of Americans are finding they pay out a significant part of their annual wages and income that could have otherwise been privately invested for their own darn good instead of fantasy communal good that never really seems to happen anymore than we saw it in the old soviet union where all means of production were property of the state. Many Americans are finding they work harder than necessary to transfer the wealth they create to the big spenders and policy makers with crazy and idiotic plans that ultimately amount to nothing. It is a horrible lost opportunity cost for all of society when you do the math. That is because of the same dynamics that show that free trade is the only correct policy for international relations in trade. A country that wastes one quarter or a third of its wealth on expensive political pay back programs that yield mostly negative results have taken capital out of the hands of the most productive thrifty people in society. You do the equation and you see a thirty percent loss on the government side and thirty percent loss on the private equity side and compare that to much lower losses and less need for citizens to go out and borrow money that they could have saved instead of giving to the government to blow on extravagant dreams. Some government waste can never be avoided. It can be limited . The New New deal has provisions including these: 1. Tax payers will be allowed to borrow money against their tax liabilities to government on an interest free basis for a designated term after that interest may accrue. That is a way better way of instantly fixing the economy instead of having the Federal Reserve try to play some games to create philips curve inflation. This kind of law should be implemented immediately especially in a bad recessionary time to help kick start the economy. It is far better that the people be able to borrow against their tax liabilities to Uncle Sam than to have to go out to banks that may or many not be loaning money and beg. Over a life time American workers are finding they have paid away the ability to have never had a mortgage in the first place had it not been for taxes. This is one way to "Open the federal reserve lending window" to the general public especially when recessionary forces appear to consume the economy. Being able to borrow money against present and past tax liability can help individuals fend off bankruptcy. It really works a little bit like the US Treasury Market which can give tax payers reasonable interest rates to pay later to further their own interests on a timely basis and in times of financial slow down it becomes a means of stimulus keeping money in circulation with less government filtering and wasteful spending. 2. The government agencies would be required to publish an annual report showing where every single dime went with correlations to actual programs funded or services provided. An agency like the SEC should be created to review these annual reports and citizens should have the right to hire an attorney and sue the agencies if fraud or deception is detected. Anyone who would dare suggest that the spotted owl programs were a success on any grounds could go to jail for ten years. 3. . Patients should have the right to go to hospitals and receive medical , health services from any service provider after signing a waiver that says they will be covered for medical malpractice problems that may result on the basis of a parameters set in advance in a mediation format and as such are precluded from hiring an attorney to sue. Signing such a waiver means that if actual malpractice occurs a certified board of physicians decides not a jury of know nothings and the damages are pre calculated to be 60 percent of what would be received if an attorney takes a contingency fee so that health insurance companies and malpractice companies can charge doctors that much less for insurance. The poor begging for medical insurance should be able to sign a waiver that costs physicians and hospitals even less to facilitate having a lot more facilities required . 4. Tort attorneys can only charge clients 15 percent contingency rate on damages received . 5. Citizens can sue lawyers caught lying or knowingly fostering lies in a court house where they act as officers of the court. All citizens will become officers of the courts with the same standing as lawyers and all should be able to represent themselves with no disadvantage in doing so by simplifying how the system works. The penalties for lying lawyers in open court should be substantial fine or maybe even death just because justice could depend on our courts being free of liars professional or otherwise. 6. Citizens should be able to opt to pay off their taxes due to government in goods, services or their own labor. If someone goes into a government run hospital without health insurance they should not be turned away because of lack of funding. They should be able to work to pay off their debt just like someone could go to work as a dishwasher for a number of days for not paying the tab at an expensive restaurant. Any tax liability should be possible to pay off by going to work for the government doing such things as sweeping the streets or filling in pot holes , gardening or doing what ever services that the person is trained to perform. Doctors taking Medicare patient could be doing that instead of paying dollars in taxes and apple growers could be providing free apples to school cafeterias instead of having to pony up cash in tough times that they might not have being farmers. Why should all of our extreme taxes only be due in dollars? Why can't every one participate being a government contractor when money is not the surplus thing people have. 7. Congress should convene special sessions to go though the huge number of books of federal and local statutes and see which ones are no longer necessary and repeal as many unnecessary stupid laws as possible to simply government and how it functions. 8. The American People should never have to pay a tax on their retirement funds unless those funds come from having had a government job in which case the taxes should be much higher than for private pensions including IRAs , 401k's and social security. In some cases where it helps people a lump sum of social security that is discounted based on age and other factors could be paid out in stead of parceled out monthly. 9. Americans Need To Have The Right to Pay for Medical care even when they have no money. Everyone should have the right to be able to work off medical debts in lieu of having insurance or cash in the bank. If government intends to expand health care availability there are ways to expand it that do not include higher taxes. The best way is to make health care a tax free profession when services are preformed at basic set price levels effectively taking out the taxes secretly included in every patient bill. Since taxation in America is about giving away part of one's labor for the creation of a government empire it only makes sense that Americans with low paying jobs or no job at all should be able to go to a hospital receive the best medical care and only be charged at a "tax free" rate where providers don't have to collect taxes to pay income and other taxes because they are performing a service for the government. In the case where the patient is indigent and can work, effectively able to do anything, including sweeping streets, filling in pot holes or just doing government work on a home computer, People should be able to pay for heath care already rendered on their behalf by working off their debt to the government. On a job a wage earner earns money and part of those wages is taken out to pay taxes monthly. With our computer power today we can garnish not only wages to pay for medical care but we can garnish labor. This is not community service. That is nonsense. This is paying the government in labor and not cash for government to pay the hospital in cash for services rendered. That helps lower medical costs for everyone and helps lower health care insurance costs. This is not the nonsense of socialist America. This is giving Americans with low funds the ability to pay for services as natural beings capable or work or having spouses or children able to contribute labor instead of cash. If our government is not smart enough to figure out how to allow people to be able to become productive in order to pitch in for their own medical expenses the way they are able then it needs to be replaced. This changes the dynamics of anyone going into the hospital and asking for care. Instead of arriving and having to have an insurance card and filling out complicated financial forms everyone just goes into the hospital and provides their ID and the hospitals know that everyone coming with maybe the exception of the very old are going to have a way to pay though government service if by no other means. Hospitals will be able to go to the government and get government service workers for free to help run their facilities on demand so they know they get something real out of the deal and they know that they won't have to pay any taxes on the service provided or rendered. We already have a military that runs on volunteer labor with benefits. So this could lead to some kind of civilian corp of workers available for government "shovel ready jobs" when required. This program would be voluntary but if someone saved your life wouldn't you feel you owed something in exchange? 10. Health care should be a tax free profession for both goods and service provided as "Necessities" the same way that states' sales taxes exempt "necessities". Government can set basic rates for each service and medical supply good such that a reasonable profitable level net accrues to producers and supplies and anything above that basic price level could be taxable. A commission with representation of service providers and producers would set the tax free levels. 11. The US government has to reform the patent system extending the length of patent protection time periods allow American corporations to spend more money on Research and Development in the future and to compete overseas where so called intellectual property has become key to success in a world of low low cost labor producing countries like China. Patent protection extensions should be allowed for medical goods producers in exchange for negotiated lower prices over a longer period of time to those patients in need of newer drugs and devices. 12. The tax system needs to be replaced with a simple flat tax or a very low transaction fee transfer system on all transactions possibly as low as 1 percent. The complex income tax code is a vast waste of time and leads to inefficient collections. The tea party is not against taxation but it wants it to feel like a negligible part of every day life not half of one's every day life. The United States needs to think a little bit more like OPEC does and consider ways to tax foreigners instead of domestics. It is possible to do this by asking for contributions when our military goes out to protect the interests of Allies. 13. Freedom to develop energy so the country can move to become a net exporter of energy worldwide beyond what our multinational oil companies and others already do. Energy development on government leased lands serves to do what happens in places like Alaska where it can cut taxes paid by individuals because of royalties payments on those government leases. The more leases the better potentially for tax payers. 14. Implantation of an economics civil rights act. This act would protect private property rights including a means of preventing government use of eminent domain in taking private property for public use and then turning around and giving it to some well healed lobbying billionaire for supposed economic development. The economics civil rights act would limit taxation to say 10 percent on the federal level and would give the people a right to government employment without ever having to become a union member and in so doing would allow Americans to pay taxes due in labor...not forced labor soviet style or America style but voluntarily as doing their share. Government now hires really expensive labor at the exclusion of the general public when it really can be the employer of last resort because there are lots of things we want the government to do and those workers can be supplied to government contractors as contract labor or used directly in places like national forests. Government relies on labor for taxes so it should receive labor as the tax payed in lieu of cash. 15. Right to a free education should include the right to a government waiver if such waivers can save government money on education expenses. It is already possible for the government to pay less than a quarter of expenses to send students to religious schools or independent contractor schools. Tax money can thus be saved and returned to tax payers. 16. Schools should be required to give students a basic financial and legal education so they understand how the systems really work. Students should know how debt works and how mortgages work and what they are before they graduate. Students should also have a civics course that gives them a right to be officers of any court the same way all attorneys are upon passing their very basic civics examination. 17. Public employee unions should be eliminated as the country moves back to a public service model. Let the teachers union take over private schools if they want to. We don't allow the military to become unionized in this country because we don't want a coup but we are having a military coup with public employee unions behaving badly already. The act that eliminates all public employee unions and prohibits them will be called the Civilian Rule Law. 18. American Citizenship is to be treated as sacred and not given away. Illegal Aliens are OK if they register and if they pay into social security they should get something from their labor but at a lower tier level based on how American workers overseas in their home countries are treated as alien workers. We want Americans to be able to work overseas as they please so we should allow foreigners to work here. It is the illegal part that we don't need and we don't need to give away wholesale reprieves after the fact with amnesty. Citizenship should be available to foreigners and guest workers should definitely be allowed to visit and contribute what they can to society as the economy automatically decides for us. A simple registration process will allow guest workers has them sign a waiver that their children born in the US will automatically become citizens and that 10% of ordinary benefits form social security paid in is all they will have the right to receive at their retirement age. There is a simple way to allow people to compromise. Children born here should later be able to apply for US citizenship with the passage of examinations or if the foreign countries they come from, say Canada, has a immigrations treaty with the US that gives American workers the same rights then their citizens can have the same treatment here. Immigration has to be fair and restructuring as an alien worker has to have some benefits otherwise there is no reason for anyone to bother registering. We are not importing slave labor we are importing friends we want to work for us. . Close

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