Monday, July 14, 2014

The NSA refuses to deny it: Hillary Clinton Face Job Begins to Reveal that She May Actually One of the Reptilian Aliens

Hillary Clinton Face Job Begins to Reveal that She May Actually One of the Reptilian Aliens As a Genuine Ufologist I Could Not Help but Notice the Strange Exaggerated Wrinkles on the Face of Hillary Clinton Who is Now the Secretary of State Lex Loeb Contributor Network . Hillary has some of the strangest marking lines on her face that do not look very human. The markings are like Japanese fans emanating from where most people her age might ordinarily have what are popularly called "crows feet." Other lines on her face go down along her cheeks. It looks like something alien is emerging. She maybe an alien species or may be she is really an alien impostor because during the election there was no evidence of these lines on her face? Another strange administration figure is Tim Geitner , the secretary of the treasury who appears to have a similar alien problem with his forehead. Is he an other alien ? Some comments on line say that Geitner has the marks of horns of the devil beginning to emerge on his temples but to those of us who are ufologists this is also a reptilian trait. Other commentary online says that Hillary's election face lift somehow failed but that does not make any sense. Her face is more bloated than it was in the election so these strange facial lines, not to call them wrinkles, would not be visible. A n inflated balloon has no wrinkles! What is going on? Is she a reptilian alien as suspected? if so there is a chance she may also be exhibiting a tail . If she is an alien what about Bill. I must go to a super market and find the tabloid newspapers they will have the sinister photos and will know the truth. Is the weekly world news still in publication? I hope so it may be my best source for information on this incredible subject. Who else is an alien in the new administration? Maybe it explains why no less than four appointees did not file their proper taxes? Because aliens would not know the IRS rules? I am definitely confused when I see pictures like these. Text book reptilian aliens seemingly going public before our eyes? Have the aliens taken over? .

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