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The One Dollar ,Seventy-Five Cent Stimulus Plan

The One Dollar ,Seventy-Five Cent Stimulus Plan Starbucks Might yet Have the Answer Lex Loeb Contributor Network . While we are on the subject of Princeton School of Economics Collectivism maybe we all need to go out for a fresh cup of coffee. What happened to the American free spirit? Did ADH drugs given to America's hyperactive children slow the economy down? Why is the media obsessed with the coming great depression when we all know it takes a Havana style government to produce results that bad? The real problem may come down to the level of caffeine in the typical American cup of coffee. If I were a advertising executives I might pitch that campaign theme to Starbucks executives. Yes, They could send every household in America a free coupon for a free stimulus package cup of coffee. That might even be more stimulating for most of the country than Hillary Clinton Going Topless as secretary of State? We Americans have to set the standard for the rest of the world and who better to set a topless standard than a red, while and blue feminist like Hillary. What might take a village in our own country to accomplish might only take the lack of a bra and everything else above the waist ? As for being green is that not just a euphemism for believing in marijuana? Marijuana may not be as stimulating going green as going brown for coffee.... There definitely must be hope for America without having to blame foreign slave labor by creating a new Washington mania for WPA projects to give under achieving college students jobs to identify and destroy public enemy number one--non native plants? It is time for the democratic party to live up to its higher ideals and give us all free coffee. A.M.A.Y.C.D. (As much as you can drink). Wouldn't Ann Coulter be more controversial if she were topless too? Let's demand Congress give us a real stimulus package starting with the One dollar, seventy five cents program. Topless Women, caffeinated Coffeeand Industrial Sex, Drugs and Rock n'Roll may be the answer to the stimulus problem. .


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