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The Real Reason Why the White House Wants Raccoons Gone from the White House Lawns

The Real Reason Why the White House Wants Raccoons Gone from the White House Lawns Since the Early 1950s Raccoons Within the District of Columbia Have Been Wired and Trained as Inter-agency / International Embassy Spies Lex Loeb Contributor Network . If you thought that the aggressive monkey's of New Delhi were the only professionally trained animal spies going though government offices and trash receptacles you have not seen what happens in Washington, D.C. at night. The population of Raccoons in Central Washington DC is pretty amazing. When one goes out at night in the city one can estimate by counting that there are at least 10 for every full size refuse dumpster in the city. Thanks to the green-way spaces in the beltway, Raccoons have easy car free access to much of the nation's capital. Going back to the early 1950s some were trained to infiltrate the grounds of foreign embassies. These unsuspected spied, the perfect intruders were even wired up for sound and some may have carried camouflaged cameras. Raccoons have a fair degree of ambidexterity and can use their little hands almost as well as primates can. A nocturnal animal they were the perfect spy intruder that almost no one ever suspected. It is no wonder the White house is paranoid about having Raccoons on the White house lawns and wants them gone. A raccoons may have tipped off insiders about Monica Lewinsky before it became a nationwide story. Some are sitting high up in branches in trees around the White House this very moment quietly sleeping even in day light as miniature cameras are focused on select windows of the White House. This is definitely good reason for anyone one involved in government to be paranoid of the little masked bandits coming around too often ,hanging around or just picking though the dumpsters late at night and early in the morning. The problem is most of the Raccoons are just doing what they do naturally but the trained ones are extra well fed and might even be controlled by remote control joysticks. The trained ones are the ones unlikely to be caught why have just one microchip camera in a fur ball on fur coat of these animals when there can be multiple ones looking out in all directions. Raccoons can be trained to open doors and windows with their ambidextrous hands which could have help saved President Nixon the embarrassment of the humans that got caught in the Watergate break in. There is no reason to just use one Raccoon in a mission when a pack can guard all sides of a targeted location so that one inside can get advance notice that someone or something may be putting their comrade in danger. There are raccoon "commandos" and raccoon lookouts, reconnaissance raccoons and camouflaged raccoons spray painted to match the interior of office cubicles. Some spy raccoons even used to be soviets. If the Chinese had to have raccoon spies they probably would have preferred Pandas which are a close living species relative of the North American Raccoon. Raccoons now also live in Europe where they were originally imported from the American colonies. It is not known if they are in the spy business in the old world. The famed government building raiding monkeys of New Delhi were thought to have had CIA operatives among them. It is no wonder some people in Washington , DC get paranoid when they see the nightly raccoon activities. Now that the raccoon secret is out of the bag one has to look out of squirrels and pigeons in the nation's capital. That bird sitting on the window sill may not be innocent. The squirrel in the branches looking in the windows may also be a raccoon substitute. You just never know. The question is who tipped off the Obama administration? .


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