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The Securities Exchange Commission Practically Hosted Bernie Madoff Ponzi Scheme Classes--Government as usual Is The Problem.

Preview The Securities Exchange Commission Practically Hosted Bernie Madoff Ponzi Scheme Classes Eight or More Times the SEC Audited Madoff but They Were so Much in Bed with Him that it was a Lover's Endorsement Lex Loeb Contributor Network . A little shit hit the fan today when American investors learned that Madoff operations were audited 8 time or more by regulatory agencies over the years. Madoff was apparently so much in bed with the regulators he could have practically hosted Ponzi Scheme Classes for Financial professionals and the SEC would have given him their Stamp of approval! The mystery of HOW Madoff could have run his Ponzi scheme to over 50 billion dollars was just revealed. There is still more to the story that will be coming out and should even be more interesting. The problem with the revelation that so much regulatory scrutiny was lavished on Madoff over the years is that naturally suggests that the vary people most likely to be running similar Ponzi Schemes are in tight with regulators too. It seems very unlikely but even someone like Warren Buffet could be running such a scheme if we are to believe the regulators. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were in bed with the regulators for years with similar results. It actually seems that the more likely the US government was to rescue a failing financial firm was the more in bed with them the government regulators were. We are talking about a financial orgy now. It is getting to be a joke listening to past SEC chairmen on Television talking about what went wrong now and why more regulation is required when it now appears that the regulators were financial fraud facilitators. OK, maybe the regulators just consistently looked the other way but they did not do that for just anybody. Others on wall street felt plagued by SEC measures to regulate them. Madoff clearly was getting special treatment. It is no wonder that the federal government's solution to the financial crisis turned out to be pure political cronyism. This is how the system really works. The horrible thing is that the US is supposed to have been the best safest regulated market on earth . That now appears to be total fabrication on par with notions like full faith and credit of the United States. This is the real reason it says "in God we trust" on the dollar bill because you can't trust anyone else. God help us all. Of course, this article has a satire disclaimer and this it because it is not that serious. The message is still clear-- trust no one. Madoff is not exactly an unprecedented figure in the history of finance. Even one of the best financiers of all time Nathan Meyer Rothschild played fast and loose with his investor's money. If the SEC were around back then and not in bed with him he might have very likely lost his securities license. Nathan Rothschild took in money from one European Prince to buy a lot of a particular currency for a set price and he took no less than 3 years to fill the order in which time he essentially gambled with the money and happily won a major fortune for himself and ultimately purchased the currency the prince had requested at a steep discount pocketing the difference. Nathan Rothschild was one of the inventors of modern finance. Unlike Madoff he was just luckier or just really competent at trading markets. One of the main Buffet principles of finance is to use the float of large insurance companies to profit by paying much less for a loan. This goes back to the Rothschild's manner of doing business. The sad thing is that Madoff really could have come out ahead if he were a capable financier but then the SEC would have probably arrested him.... . T


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